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ICPA Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush - Wide Space

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ICPA Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush - Wide Space



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Product Details

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1 x Pack of 5 Interdental Brushes

Description: The ICPA Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush is an innovative dental tool designed to enhance interdental cleaning and promote optimal oral hygiene. Created by ICPA Health Products Ltd, this interdental brush is engineered to reach challenging areas between teeth, providing an effective solution for plaque removal and gum health.

Key Features:

  1. Tapered Brush Design: The Proxa Interdental Brush features a tapered brush design that allows easy insertion between teeth of varying sizes. This design ensures thorough cleaning and removal of plaque and debris from interdental spaces.

  2. Flexible Wire Shaft: The brush is equipped with a flexible wire shaft that enables easy maneuverability around contours of the teeth. This flexibility ensures comfortable use and effective cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

  3. Thermoseal Bristles: Thermoseal technology incorporates specialized bristles that adapt to the contours of the teeth and gums. This technology enhances the contact between the bristles and tooth surfaces, promoting efficient cleaning and massaging of the gums.


  1. Effective Plaque Removal: The tapered brush design and Thermoseal bristles work synergistically to remove plaque and debris from between teeth, where traditional brushing may be challenging. This effective cleaning contributes to gum health and cavity prevention.

  2. Comfortable and Gentle: The flexible wire shaft ensures a comfortable and gentle cleaning experience. The Proxa Interdental Brush allows users to clean between teeth without causing discomfort, making it suitable for regular use as part of a daily oral care routine.

  3. Versatile Sizes: The Proxa Interdental Brush is available in various sizes to accommodate different interdental spaces. This versatility allows users to select the appropriate brush size for their unique dental anatomy, ensuring a customized and effective cleaning experience.

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