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Hemovac K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Pieces

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Hemovac K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Pieces


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Pack of 100 Pieces

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1x100 Tubes

Description: The Hemovac K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube represents a pinnacle of innovation in blood collection technology, meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of clinical laboratories.

Key Features:

  1. K2 EDTA Additive: The Hemovac K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube contains K2 EDTA, a potent anticoagulant that binds calcium ions to prevent coagulation.

  2. Vacuum Technology: Equipped with vacuum technology, the Hemovac tube enables rapid blood specimen collection by creating negative pressure within the tube. This ensures efficient blood flow and optimal filling, minimizing the risk of specimen hemolysis and ensuring sample integrity.

  3. Color-Coded Stopper: The tube features a color-coded stopper for easy identification and proper tube selection, enhancing workflow efficiency in the laboratory setting. This intuitive design feature reduces the risk of errors and ensures accurate specimen labeling and processing.

  4. Standardized Volume and Dimensions: The Hemovac K2 EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is available in standardized volumes and dimensions, providing consistency and compatibility with existing laboratory equipment and protocols. This ensures seamless integration into laboratory workflows and facilitates standardized specimen handling.


  1. Preservation of Blood Cell Morphology: The K2 EDTA additive in the Hemovac tube ensures the preservation of blood cell morphology, enabling accurate hematological analyses and reliable test results. This feature is critical for diagnosing and monitoring various hematological disorders with precision.

  2. Efficient Blood Specimen Collection: Vacuum technology enables rapid and efficient blood specimen collection, minimizing patient discomfort and reducing the risk of specimen hemolysis.

  3. Streamlined Laboratory Workflow: The color-coded stopper and standardized volume of the Hemovac tube simplify specimen identification and handling, streamlining laboratory workflows and reducing the risk of errors.

  4. Quality Assurance and Compliance: Hemovac tubes are manufactured under strict quality control standards, ensuring consistency, reliability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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