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Healthium Monoglyde USP 2-0 Suture - SN1641 Pack of 12

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Healthium Monoglyde USP 2-0 Suture - SN1641 Pack of 12



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1 x 12 Sutures


Monofilament Polyglecaprone 25 is a synthetic, absorbable suture material used in surgical procedures for wound closure.

It is composed of polyglecaprone, a copolymer of glycolide and epsilon-caprolactone, which gives it excellent tensile strength and predictable absorption properties.

This specific suture is designed for applications where a monofilament structure is preferred, minimizing tissue reactivity and promoting smooth passage through tissues.

Key Features:

Monofilament Structure: Polyglecaprone 25 is a monofilament suture, meaning it consists of a single strand. This design reduces tissue drag, making it easier to pass through tissues with minimal trauma.

Synthetic Material: Being a synthetic suture, Polyglecaprone 25 is free from biological contaminants and is less likely to provoke an immune response compared to natural sutures.

Predictable Absorption: The suture is absorbable, and its absorption process occurs through hydrolysis.

Polyglecaprone 25 retains its tensile strength for an appropriate duration during wound healing before gradually breaking down.

Tensile Strength: Polyglecaprone 25 offers sufficient tensile strength to support wound closure, promoting secure tissue approximation.


Reduced Tissue Reaction: The monofilament structure minimizes tissue reactivity, reducing the likelihood of inflammation and promoting a smoother healing process.

Predictable Absorption Timeline: Polyglecaprone 25 is known for its predictable absorption timeline, allowing surgeons to choose an appropriate suture material based on the expected duration of wound support.

Ease of Handling: The monofilament nature of the suture contributes to ease of handling during surgery, as it glides smoothly through tissues without fraying.

Versatility: Polyglecaprone 25 is suitable for a variety of surgical procedures, including both soft tissue and intradermal closures.

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