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Green Guava Tie on Patient Bib (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)

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Green Guava Tie on Patient Bib (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)



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HSN: 90184900

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1 x 10Pieces Tie on Patient Bib


The Green Guava Tie on Patient Bib is an essential accessory for dental and medical professionals, designed to enhance patient comfort and maintain a clean and hygienic clinical environment. These patient bibs are versatile, convenient, and play a crucial role in ensuring a positive patient experience during various medical procedures. With their user-friendly features and high-quality materials, Green Guava Tie on Patient Bibs are a reliable choice for healthcare settings.

Key Features:

Patient Comfort: These bibs are made from soft and comfortable materials, ensuring that patients feel at ease during their treatment. The bibs are gentle on the skin and do not cause any discomfort, making them ideal for extended procedures.

Absorbent Layers: Green Guava Tie on Patient Bibs are equipped with multiple absorbent layers to effectively capture and retain liquids such as saliva, water, or blood. This helps in keeping the patient dry and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Leak-Proof Backing: The bibs feature a waterproof backing that prevents any liquids from passing through to the patient's clothing. This ensures that patients remain dry and prevents staining or discomfort.

Secure Fastening: The tie-on design allows for easy and secure fastening around the patient's neck. This ensures that the bib stays in place throughout the procedure, reducing the need for constant adjustments.

Adjustable Fit: The adjustable ties enable a customized fit for each patient, regardless of their neck size. This adaptability ensures that the bib remains in place, enhancing the overall experience.

Easy Application: The tie-on style is simple to put on, saving valuable chairside time for healthcare professionals. This design also makes it easy to remove after the procedure is complete.

Hygienic: Green Guava Tie on Patient Bibs are disposable, promoting a high level of hygiene in the clinical setting. Once the procedure is done, the bib can be discarded, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Wide Coverage: These bibs provide ample coverage to protect the patient's chest and clothing. They effectively shield against any potential splatter or droplets that may occur during medical or dental procedures.

Versatile Use: While commonly used in dental offices, these patient bibs are suitable for various medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities. They are versatile and serve multiple purposes.

Economical: Green Guava Tie on Patient Bibs are cost-effective and can help reduce laundry and cleaning expenses. Their disposable nature eliminates the need for washing and maintaining reusable bibs.

Available in Various Colors: These bibs come in a range of colors, allowing healthcare professionals to choose the option that best matches the clinic's aesthetic or branding.

Environmentally Responsible: For environmentally conscious practices, Green Guava offers eco-friendly patient bib options made from sustainable materials.

Trusted Brand: Green Guava is a reputable brand in the healthcare industry, known for its commitment to quality and patient satisfaction. Their products are widely trusted by healthcare professionals.

Sold by DENTAL FRUITS & fulfilled byMedikabazaar

Country of OriginIndia
MaterialBiodegradable paper
Absorption Capacity100 ml
SizeStandard (18" x 13")
ColorGreen guava pattern