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10 x  Goyal Industries Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P Net Weight 500gm

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10 x Goyal Industries Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P Net Weight 500gm


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Product Details

HSN: 30051090

Description: Goyal Industries presents the Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P, a pinnacle of medical-grade cotton excellence tailored to meet the demanding standards of healthcare professionals. This product epitomizes a commitment to quality, purity, and optimal performance. Crafted with precision and adherence to international standards, this cotton wool stands as a testament to Goyal Industries' unwavering dedication to healthcare integrity.

Key Features:

  1. Pharmacopeial Compliance: Our Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P strictly adheres to the Indian Pharmacopeia standards, ensuring that doctors receive a product of uncompromised quality. This compliance underscores our commitment to delivering medical-grade cotton wool that aligns with the highest industry benchmarks.

  2. High Absorbency: Engineered for superior absorbency, this cotton wool excels in managing wound care, surgical procedures, and medical dressings. Its high absorbent capacity ensures effective fluid management, promoting a conducive environment for the healing process.

  3. Soft and Non-Irritating: Goyal Industries prioritizes the comfort of both doctors and patients. The cotton wool is delicately processed to achieve a soft and non-irritating texture, minimizing discomfort during medical procedures and enhancing patient compliance.

  4. Low Linting: The low linting characteristic of our cotton wool is a testament to its premium quality. Doctors can trust in a clean and sterile field, reducing the risk of lint-related complications in surgical and clinical settings.


  1. Reliable Pharmacopeial Assurance: With adherence to the Indian Pharmacopeia, doctors can rely on Goyal Industries Absorbent Cotton Wool I.P for its consistent quality, ensuring it meets or exceeds the expectations outlined in pharmacopeial standards.

  2. Enhanced Wound Management: The high absorbency of this cotton wool is tailored to facilitate efficient wound management. It absorbs exudate effectively, contributing to a sterile and optimal environment for the wound healing process.

  3. Patient and Doctor Comfort: The soft and non-irritating nature of the cotton wool enhances patient comfort during dressing changes, while also providing doctors with a material that is gentle on the skin during medical procedures.

  4. Clean and Sterile Application: The low linting characteristic ensures a clean and sterile field during medical interventions. Doctors can perform procedures with confidence, knowing that the cotton wool contributes to a hygienic environment.

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Country of OriginIndia