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Gnatus S-400 H Overhanging Dental Chair

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Gnatus S-400 H Overhanging Dental Chair



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HSN: 90189099

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1 x Dental Chair

Description: The Gnatus S-400 H Overhanging Dental Chair is a state-of-the-art dental chair designed to provide dental practitioners with advanced features and ergonomic benefits. Created by Gnatus, a trusted name in dental equipment, the S-400 H incorporates innovative technology to enhance the dental treatment experience for both practitioners and patients.

Key Features:

  1. Overhanging Delivery System: The S-400 H is equipped with an overhanging delivery system, optimizing accessibility to instruments and controls. This design allows for efficient workflow and easy adjustment during dental procedures.

  2. Ergonomic Patient Comfort: With a focus on patient well-being, the chair features ergonomic upholstery, customizable positions, and smooth movements. The ergonomic design contributes to a comfortable experience, reducing stress for patients during treatments.

  3. Intelligent Touchscreen Control Panel: The dental chair is outfitted with an intelligent touchscreen control panel, offering intuitive control over chair positions, instrument settings, and treatment parameters. The user-friendly interface enhances operational efficiency.

  4. LED Operating Light: An integrated LED operating light provides focused and shadow-free illumination for precise dental work. The adjustable light settings accommodate different treatment needs and ensure optimal visibility.

  5. Hygienic Design: Designed with hygiene in mind, the chair features easy-to-clean surfaces and seamless contours. This hygienic design supports infection control practices, promoting a clean and safe treatment environment.


  1. Efficient Workflow: The overhanging delivery system and intelligent touchscreen control panel streamline workflow for dental practitioners. Quick access to instruments and intuitive controls enhance efficiency during procedures.

  2. Patient-Centered Experience: The ergonomic features and customizable positions prioritize patient comfort, contributing to a positive and stress-free dental experience. This is particularly beneficial for lengthy procedures and patients with specific comfort requirements.

  3. Precision Illumination: The integrated LED operating light ensures precise illumination, minimizing shadows and enhancing visibility. This feature is crucial for accurate dental work and maintaining high standards of treatment quality.

  4. Infection Control: The hygienic design of the dental chair facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, supporting infection control measures. This is essential for creating a safe and sterile treatment environment.

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Country of OriginIndia
Delivery Arm TypeOverhanging Delivery System
Support Arm MechanismPneumatic
Control PanelPAD Panel
Dental Light TypeLED
Double Articulated HeadrestDouble- Articulated
Spitoon MaterialCeramic
Handpiece ProvisionsNA
Internal Structure MaterialNA
Suction UnitNA