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Fastep Cotinine Drug Testing Rapid Card - Pack of 40 Tests

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Fastep Cotinine Drug Testing Rapid Card - Pack of 40 Tests


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Pack of 40 Tests

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Product Details

Description: The Fastep Cotinine Drug Testing Rapid Card is an advanced laboratory product meticulously designed to provide accurate and rapid detection of cotinine, a primary metabolite of nicotine, in various biological specimens. Leveraging cutting-edge immunoassay technology, this testing kit offers reliable results within minutes, facilitating prompt clinical decision-making.

Key Features:

  1. High Sensitivity: The Fastep Cotinine Rapid Card boasts exceptional sensitivity, detecting cotinine at concentrations as low as [insert concentration], ensuring precise identification even in cases of low-level nicotine exposure.
  2. Rapid Results: With a quick turnaround time of [insert time], this testing card expedites diagnostic processes, allowing healthcare professionals to promptly initiate appropriate interventions.
  3. User-friendly Design: Featuring a straightforward testing procedure, this rapid card simplifies the testing process, minimizing the likelihood of errors and enhancing workflow efficiency in laboratory settings.
  4. Wide Applicability: Suitable for use with various biological specimens, including urine and saliva, this versatile testing kit accommodates diverse clinical scenarios, offering flexibility and convenience to healthcare practitioners.
  5. Reliable Performance: Backed by rigorous quality control measures and validation studies, the Fastep Cotinine Rapid Card ensures consistent and dependable performance, instilling confidence in diagnostic outcomes.


  1. Enhanced Patient Care: By enabling swift cotinine detection, this laboratory product facilitates timely identification of nicotine exposure, empowering healthcare providers to deliver personalized interventions and support to patients striving for smoking cessation.
  2. Streamlined Workflow: The rapid and user-friendly nature of the Fastep Cotinine Rapid Card optimizes laboratory efficiency, allowing clinicians to allocate resources effectively and prioritize patient care.
  3. Evidence-based Decision-making: With its high sensitivity and reliable performance, this testing kit enables healthcare professionals to make well-informed clinical decisions based on accurate diagnostic information, ensuring optimal patient management strategies.

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