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Ethicon Ultrapro Advance Mesh - 6 X 12 CM UPA3612 Pack of 3

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Ethicon Ultrapro Advance Mesh - 6 X 12 CM UPA3612 Pack of 3



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1 x 3 Mesh

Ethicon Ultrapro Advance Mesh is a surgical mesh product designed for use in hernia repair procedures. Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson, is known for its innovations in healthcare, and Ultrapro Advance Mesh is part of their portfolio of surgical solutions.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Pliable Material: Ultrapro Advance Mesh is typically constructed from lightweight and pliable materials. This design aims to provide surgeons with flexibility during the implantation process and aims to conform well to the patient's anatomy.
  • Optimized Mesh Design: The mesh is engineered with an optimized design to balance strength and flexibility. This is crucial for providing support to the hernia repair site while allowing for natural movement and minimizing the risk of complications.
  • Macroporous Structure: The mesh usually features a macroporous structure, allowing for tissue integration. This property is important for facilitating the incorporation of the mesh into the patient's tissues over time, contributing to long-term stability.
  • Various Sizes and Configurations: Ethicon Ultrapro Advance Mesh is often available in various sizes and configurations. This allows surgeons to choose the most suitable mesh based on the patient's specific anatomy and the nature of the hernia being treated.
  • Convenient Packaging: The mesh is typically provided in convenient and sterile packaging, ensuring ease of use in the surgical setting. This packaging helps maintain the integrity of the mesh until it is ready for implantation.


  • Reduced Foreign Body Sensation: The lightweight and pliable nature of the mesh may contribute to a reduced foreign body sensation for the patient, potentially improving postoperative comfort.
  • Optimal Strength and Support: The optimized design of the mesh aims to provide optimal strength and support to the hernia repair site. This is essential for preventing hernia recurrence and promoting successful outcomes.

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