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10 x  Ethical Surgical Deluxe Rolled Bandage - 5cm x 4meter Pack of 12

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10 x Ethical Surgical Deluxe Rolled Bandage - 5cm x 4meter Pack of 12


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Pack of 12

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12 x Bandages


  • A rolled bandage is a length of fabric or material that has been tightly
    wound or rolled into a cylindrical shape.
  • These bandages are commonly used in first aid to secure dressings, provide support to injured limbs, or control bleeding.
  • Precision-Engineered Weave for Uniform Compression: The Ethical Surgical Deluxe Rolled Bandage features a precision-engineered weave that delivers uniform compression. This design, supported by technical assessments, ensures consistent pressure distribution, promoting effective wound management and reducing the risk
    of complications.
  • Optimized Porosity for Enhanced Breathability: Crafted with optimized porosity, the bandage facilitates enhanced breathability around the wound site. Technical specifications support this design choice, fostering a conducive environment for wound healing by promoting efficient air circulation and reducing the risk of maceration.
  • High-Tensile Strength and Durability: Engineered with high-tensile strength, the bandage offers exceptional durability during extended wear. Quantitative indicators validate its ability to withstand tension, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable tool for securing dressings and maintaining wound stability over prolonged periods.
  • Soft and Luxurious Fabric for Patient Comfort: The bandage incorporates a soft and luxurious fabric, prioritizing patient comfort during extended use. In adherence to stringent quality standards, this fabric minimizes the risk of irritation, enhancing the overall patient experience and promoting compliance with prescribed wound care regimens.
  • Versatile Application with Excellent Conformability: Exhibiting excellent conformability, the Ethical Surgical Deluxe Rolled Bandage adapts seamlessly to various body contours. This versatility, substantiated by technical assessments, allows healthcare professionals to confidently apply the bandage across different anatomical areas, ensuring optimal coverage and support.

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