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5 x  Ethical Surgical Cotton Roll - 400gram Gross

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5 x Ethical Surgical Cotton Roll - 400gram Gross


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1 x Cotton Roll


  • A cotton roll is a cylindrical mass of cotton that is tightly wound into
    a roll-like shape.
  • Cotton rolls are commonly used in various medical, dental, and cosmetic applications due to the softness, absorbency, and versatility of cotton fibers.
  • Medical-Grade Purity: The Ethical Surgical Cotton Roll boasts medical-grade purity, meeting the highest standards for surgical dressings. This quality assurance, substantiated by rigorous testing, ensures a sterile and uncontaminated environment, minimizing the risk of infections during surgical procedures.
  • High Absorbency Capacity: Engineered for superior absorbency, this cotton roll efficiently manages
    wound exudate. Quantitative indicators validate its high absorbency capacity, making it an ideal choice for surgical applications where effective fluid management is paramount for optimal wound healing.
  • Lint-Free Construction: The lint-free construction of the cotton roll minimizes the risk of particulate contamination in surgical sites. This design consideration, supported by technical assessments, ensures a clean and sterile surgical
    environment, contributing to reduced postoperative complications.
  • Consistent and Uniform Thickness: The cotton roll maintains a consistent and uniform thickness, providing a
    reliable and standardized dressing material. Technical specifications support this design choice, offering healthcare professionals the assurance of consistent performance for a range of surgical procedures.
  • Gentle and Non-Irritating to Tissues: Crafted with a focus on patient comfort, the Ethical Surgical Cotton Roll is gentle and non-irritating to tissues. This attribute, in accordance with stringent quality standards, minimizes the risk of allergic reactions or discomfort, enhancing the overall postoperative experience for patients.

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