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Eltek High Speed Refrigerated Research 400ml Centrifuge - Pack of 1 Unit (RC 4100 F )

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Eltek High Speed Refrigerated Research 400ml Centrifuge - Pack of 1 Unit (RC 4100 F )



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MP 400 R

RC 4100 F

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Description: The Eltek High Speed Refrigerated Research 400ml Centrifuge stands at the forefront of centrifugation technology, combining high-speed capability with advanced refrigeration features. Engineered for precision and efficiency in temperature-sensitive applications, this centrifuge offers a compact and refrigerated solution with a 400ml capacity, making it an essential tool for experiments where both speed and controlled temperature conditions are paramount.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Expertise with Refrigeration: Tailored for high-speed applications, the Eltek High Speed Refrigerated Research Centrifuge provides specialized capabilities for rapid sample separation while offering advanced refrigeration features. This makes it an indispensable tool for experiments where quick processing under controlled temperature conditions is essential.

  2. Moderate Capacity Processing: With a 400ml capacity, this centrifuge strikes a balance between high-speed capability and moderate sample volumes. The compact design optimizes laboratory space, offering an efficient solution for experiments requiring both speed and refrigeration.

  3. Digital Microprocessor Control: Equipped with a state-of-the-art digital microprocessor, the centrifuge offers precise control over rotational speed, acceleration, and refrigeration temperature. This technology ensures reproducibility, providing researchers with consistent results in high-speed protocols under controlled temperature conditions.

  4. Safety Features: Prioritizing user safety, the Eltek High Speed Refrigerated Research Centrifuge is equipped with advanced safety features, including imbalance detection and automatic rotor recognition. These mechanisms enhance operational security, safeguarding both the equipment and valuable samples during high-speed centrifugation.


  1. Temperature-Controlled High-Speed Processing: The advanced refrigeration features ensure precise temperature control during high-speed centrifugation, critical for maintaining sample integrity. This makes the centrifuge an ideal solution for laboratories requiring both speed and controlled temperature conditions.

  2. Rapid Sample Processing with Efficiency: With a moderate 400ml capacity, the compact and efficient design optimizes laboratory space while delivering rapid sample separation under controlled temperature conditions.

  3. Precision and Reproducibility: The digital microprocessor control enhances precision in both high-speed centrifugation and temperature control, contributing to reproducibility across multiple experiments.

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