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ECP Single Bar Exophthalmometer

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ECP Single Bar Exophthalmometer


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Product Details

HSN: 90183990

Description: Enhance your ophthalmic assessments with the ECP Single Bar Exophthalmometer, a precision instrument designed for measuring the forward protrusion of the eye. This indispensable tool offers doctors a reliable method to evaluate and record the progression or regression of eye prominence associated with conditions such as thyroid disease and orbital tumors.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate Measurement: The Single Bar Exophthalmometer ensures precise measurement of eye protrusion, providing doctors with accurate data to monitor changes over time. This is crucial for evaluating conditions like thyroid disease, where eye prominence can be indicative of disease progression.
  • Progression Monitoring: Designed to assess the progression and regression of eye prominence, this instrument is an invaluable resource for doctors managing patients with thyroid disorders. Regular measurements help in monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and adjusting interventions as needed.
  • Disorder Detection: By accurately measuring eye protrusion, the exophthalmometer aids in the early detection of disorders affecting the orbit. Doctors can use this data as part of a comprehensive diagnostic approach, facilitating timely and targeted interventions for better patient outcomes.
  • Thyroid Disease Management: The Single Bar Exophthalmometer plays a crucial role in the management of thyroid-related eye disorders. It allows doctors to quantitatively track changes in eye prominence, aiding in treatment planning and optimizing patient care.

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Country of OriginIndia
ApplicationUsed for measuring the degree of exophthalmos or protrusion of the eyeball
Measurement PrincipleUtilizes a single bar mechanism for accurate and consistent measurements
Measurement RangeTypically measures protrusion in millimeters (mm)