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2 x  Dolphin Sutura Black Braided Precut Non Needled Suture - USP 2-0, Pack of 12 (FS 213)

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2 x Dolphin Sutura Black Braided Precut Non Needled Suture - USP 2-0, Pack of 12 (FS 213)


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1 x 12 Suture

The Dolphin Sutura Black Braided Precut Non Needled Suture is a precision-engineered solution that merges the strength and reliability of traditional black braided silk with the convenience of pre-cut lengths.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Black Braided Silk Composition: Crafted from high-quality black braided silk, this suture leverages the inherent strength, flexibility, and biocompatibility of silk fibers. The black color not only adds a contemporary touch but also maintains the exceptional performance associated with traditional silk sutures.
  • Braided Structure for Superior Strength: The braided construction imparts superior strength and durability to the suture. This structural integrity ensures reliable wound closure and robust support during the crucial phases of the healing process, contributing to positive patient outcomes.
  • Pre-Cut Lengths for Surgical Efficiency: The pre-cut design eliminates the need for on-site measurements and cuts, streamlining surgical procedures. Surgeons can save valuable time in the operating room, promoting efficiency and precision during suturing.
  • Uniform Diameter and Structure: Precision manufacturing guarantees a uniform diameter and structure for each pre-cut suture. This consistency ensures predictable handling characteristics, allowing surgeons to focus on the intricacies of the procedure with confidence.
  • Smooth Surface for Gentle Tissue Passage: The suture's smooth surface facilitates easy tissue passage during suturing, minimizing trauma to delicate tissues. This characteristic is crucial in surgeries where gentle handling is paramount for optimal patient outcomes.
  • Benefits:
  • Time-Efficient Surgical Procedures: The pre-cut design streamlines surgical procedures by eliminating the need for on-site measurements. Surgeons can focus on the intricate details of the procedure, saving valuable time in the operating room and enhancing overall procedural efficiency.
  • Versatile Applicability Across Specialties: The Dolphin Black Braided Precut Non Needled Suture is suitable for a broad spectrum of surgical specialties. Its versatility ensures that surgeons have a reliable and consistent tool for various procedures, contributing to the adaptability of the surgical toolkit.
  • Biocompatible and Well-Tolerated: The biocompatible nature of black braided silk minimizes the risk of adverse reactions, making it well-tolerated by the body. Surgeons can use this suture with confidence, contributing to positive patient experiences and recovery.
  • Enhanced Visibility with Black Color: The black color of the suture enhances visibility in the surgical field, aiding in precise placement and knot tying. This feature is particularly beneficial in procedures where visibility is critical to achieving optimal results.

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