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Doctroid Tourniquet Machine - With 5 Cuff Set DIT-105

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Doctroid Tourniquet Machine - With 5 Cuff Set DIT-105



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Product Details

Description: Enhance procedural precision with the Doctroid Tourniquet Machine - With 5 Cuff Set DIT-105, an advanced medical device designed to optimize blood flow control during surgical procedures. This AC-operated unit is portable, ensuring ease of transport and efficient use in various clinical settings.

Key Features:

  • Portable and AC Operated: The Doctroid Tourniquet Machine is designed for portability, allowing healthcare professionals to utilize it across different medical settings. Being AC operated ensures a consistent and reliable power source for uninterrupted performance during surgeries.

  • Automatic Pressure Maintenance: This advanced tourniquet machine features automatic pressure maintenance, ensuring that the cuff pressure is consistently maintained at the set value. This automation enhances procedural accuracy and reduces the need for manual adjustments during surgery.

  • Online Cuff Pressure Adjustment: Healthcare providers can easily adjust cuff pressure online during the working mode, offering flexibility and adaptability to changing procedural requirements. This real-time adjustment capability contributes to a streamlined and responsive surgical environment.

  • Elapsed Time Display: The unit's display prominently indicates the elapsed time of the inflation period. This feature provides crucial information to healthcare professionals, aiding in precise monitoring and management of tourniquet usage during surgical interventions.

  • Long, Straight Silicon Tubing: Equipped with long, straight silicon tubing, the cuff ensures optimal flexibility and reach during application. This tubing is designed to enhance procedural efficiency and accommodate various surgical requirements.

  • Autoclavable Cuff: The tourniquet cuff is autoclavable, ensuring that it can be sterilized for safe and hygienic reuse. This feature aligns with strict infection control protocols in medical settings, prioritizing patient safety and operational hygiene.


  • Optimized Blood Flow Control: The automatic pressure maintenance and online cuff pressure adjustment contribute to optimized blood flow control during surgical procedures. This precision is crucial for minimizing bleeding and ensuring a controlled surgical environment.

  • Flexible and Portable Design: The portability of the unit facilitates its use in diverse clinical settings, providing healthcare professionals with a versatile tool for blood flow control during surgeries.

  • Enhanced Procedural Efficiency: The long, straight silicon tubing and autoclavable cuff enhance procedural efficiency by providing flexibility and ensuring a sterile and hygienic environment for surgical interventions.

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