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Doctroid 3 in 1 Vein Finder - Infant + Vein see + Vein see 10 Kit

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Doctroid 3 in 1 Vein Finder - Infant + Vein see + Vein see 10 Kit


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Infant + Vein see + Vein see 10

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Product Details

Description: The Doctroid 3-in-1 Vein Finder Kit integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance the precision of vein location, offering practitioners a comprehensive solution for efficient and successful vein puncture. This kit includes an Infant Vein Finder, the Vein-SEE handheld device, and the Vein-SEE 10 for versatile applications across different patient demographics.

Key Features:

  1. Infant Vein Finder:

    • Specially designed for paediatric and neonatal patients, the Infant Vein Finder is optimized for delicate and hard-to-locate veins, ensuring minimal discomfort.
    • The device employs a specific color-led wavelength combination for enhanced penetration and visualization of veins in young patients.
  2. Vein-SEE Handheld Device:

    • Pocket-sized and portable, the Vein-SEE handheld device assists practitioners in swiftly locating veins for puncture, contributing to higher success rates and fewer IV access failures.
    • The unique design stretches the skin, facilitating easy needle insertion, and prevents vein rolling during access.
  3. Vein-SEE 10:

    • Offering advanced vein visualization, the Vein-SEE 10 produces a ring of bright light with a specific color-led wavelength combination, optimizing contrast for vein viewing.
    • Adjustable brightness ensures adaptability to different lighting conditions, making it ideal for low-light situations.
  4. Infrared (IR) Light Technology:

    • The kit utilizes Infrared (IR) light technology for vein illumination. Absorption by deoxygenated blood enhances vein visibility without the use of IR and UV radiation, ensuring safety for patients of all ages.
  5. Transillumination:

    • Transillumination principles are incorporated into the design, allowing veins to appear as shadows against transmitted light, aiding practitioners in identifying veins more efficiently.
  6. Handheld and Portable:

    • The kit is designed for portability, enabling healthcare professionals to carry and use it across various clinical settings, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
  7. Battery-Powered:

    • Cordless and battery-powered, the Doctroid 3-in-1 Vein Finder Kit eliminates the constraints of cords, providing practitioners with greater flexibility in usage.
  8. Vein Visualizations:

    • Real-time vein visualizations reduce the number of needle attempts, improving patient comfort and minimizing discomfort during vein puncture.


  • Enhanced Success Rates: The combination of the Infant Vein Finder and Vein-SEE devices optimizes success rates for vein puncture across diverse patient populations.
  • Reduced Patient Discomfort: By minimizing the number of needle attempts, the kit significantly reduces patient discomfort and improves the overall experience of vein puncture.
  • Adaptable to Various Settings: With its handheld, portable, and battery-powered features, the kit is suitable for diverse clinical settings, ensuring vein location capabilities are readily available.

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