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Diagon Coag 2D Coagulometer Coagulation Analyser - Box of 1 unit (g-Coag2D)

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Diagon Coag 2D Coagulometer Coagulation Analyser - Box of 1 unit (g-Coag2D)


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Description: The Diagon Coag 2D Coagulometer (g-Coag2D) stands at the forefront of coagulation analysis, setting a new standard for precision and reliability in diagnostic settings. This sophisticated coagulation analyzer is meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of medical professionals, providing a comprehensive solution for assessing hemostatic parameters with unparalleled accuracy.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Channel Coagulation Analysis: The g-Coag2D features a dual-channel system, enabling simultaneous analysis of two distinct samples. This capability streamlines workflow and enhances efficiency in diagnostic laboratories, allowing for the swift assessment of coagulation parameters.

  2. Advanced Optical Detection Technology: Incorporating cutting-edge optical detection technology, this coagulometer ensures high sensitivity and specificity in detecting clotting events. This precision is essential in discerning subtle changes in clot formation dynamics, especially in critical patient samples.

  3. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: The user-friendly touchscreen interface provides a seamless experience for medical professionals. It allows for easy programming of test parameters, real-time monitoring of clotting reactions, and efficient data management, enhancing overall usability in busy clinical environments.


  1. Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy: The g-Coag2D's advanced technology and dual-channel capability contribute to enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Medical professionals can confidently rely on precise coagulation results, crucial for informed clinical decisions in various medical scenarios.

  2. Efficient Workflow Optimization: With its dual-channel system and automated features, this coagulation analyzer optimizes laboratory workflow. It minimizes turnaround times for coagulation tests, facilitating prompt diagnosis and treatment planning.

  3. Comprehensive Test Menu: The coagulometer supports a comprehensive test menu, accommodating a wide range of coagulation assays. From routine tests to specialized assays, the g-Coag2D offers versatility, making it an invaluable tool for diverse clinical applications.

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