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Diadent Dia-Pen Cordless Heating Condensor

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Diadent Dia-Pen Cordless Heating Condensor



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Product Details

HSN: 90184900

What is in the box

1 x Handpiece and charger

Description: The Diadent Dia-Pen Cordless Heating Condenser redefines endodontic procedures with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology. This cordless heating condenser is meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency and precision of warm gutta-percha obturation, providing clinicians with a sophisticated tool for optimal root canal treatments.

Key Features:

  1. Cordless Convenience: The Dia-Pen operates cordlessly, providing practitioners with the freedom of movement and eliminating the constraints associated with traditional corded devices.
  2. Variable Temperature Settings: Featuring adjustable temperature settings, this condenser allows precise control over the temperature of the gutta-percha, ensuring optimal flow and adaptation during obturation.
  3. Quick Heating Time: With a rapid heating mechanism, the Dia-Pen minimizes downtime, allowing clinicians to achieve the desired temperature quickly and efficiently.
  4. Ergonomic Design: The condenser is designed with ergonomics in mind, offering a comfortable grip for clinicians during extended procedures, promoting optimal control.


  1. Enhanced Workflow: Cordless operation enhances workflow efficiency, providing clinicians with flexibility and maneuverability during root canal treatments.
  2. Precision and Adaptation: Variable temperature settings allow for precise control, ensuring the gutta-percha reaches the ideal temperature for optimal flow and adaptation within the root canal system.
  3. Time Savings: Quick heating time reduces waiting periods, saving valuable chairside time and contributing to a streamlined endodontic process.
  4. Clinician Comfort: The ergonomic design prioritizes clinician comfort, minimizing hand fatigue and promoting steady, controlled movements during obturation procedures.

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Country of OriginSouth Korea
CordlessOperates without a cord, providing mobility
HeatingProvides controlled heat for compacting gutta-percha in root canals
PrecisionAllows precise temperature control for optimal obturation
ErgonomicDesigned for comfortable handling during procedures
VersatilityCompatible with various obturation techniques