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Dentmark File Removal System Endo Accessory - I

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Dentmark File Removal System Endo Accessory - I



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1 x File Removal System

Description: The Dentmark File Removal System is an advanced endodontic accessory designed to address the challenging task of removing fractured or separated endodontic files during root canal procedures. This innovative system employs cutting-edge technology to provide dental practitioners with a precise and efficient solution for file retrieval, minimizing the impact on surrounding tooth structure.

Key Features:

  1. Ultrasonic Technology: The File Removal System utilizes ultrasonic technology to enable the safe and non-invasive removal of fractured or separated endodontic files. This technology allows for controlled and targeted file retrieval without causing unnecessary trauma to the tooth.

  2. Specialized Tips for Versatility: The system includes a range of specialized ultrasonic tips, each designed for specific clinical scenarios. These tips offer versatility in file retrieval, accommodating various file sizes, positions, and depths within the root canal system.

  3. Enhanced Visibility: The File Removal System is engineered to enhance visibility during the retrieval process. The ultrasonic tips may feature coatings or design elements that optimize visibility under magnification, ensuring accurate targeting of the fractured files.

  4. Preservation of Tooth Structure: Utilizing ultrasonic technology, the system aims to preserve the surrounding tooth structure while effectively removing fractured files. This feature is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the tooth and minimizing the risk of additional complications.

  5. User-Friendly Operation: The system is designed for user-friendly operation, allowing dental practitioners to navigate and manipulate the ultrasonic tips with ease. This user-centric design enhances the overall efficiency and success of the file retrieval process.


  1. Non-Invasive Retrieval: The use of ultrasonic technology enables non-invasive file retrieval, minimizing trauma to the surrounding tooth structure and reducing the risk of complications associated with file removal.

  2. Versatile Tip Selection: The inclusion of a variety of specialized ultrasonic tips enhances versatility, allowing practitioners to choose the most suitable tip for different clinical scenarios. This adaptability contributes to the success of file retrieval in various cases.

  3. Precision and Control: Ultrasonic technology provides practitioners with precision and control during the file removal process. This allows for selective targeting of the fractured file while preserving the integrity of the surrounding tooth structure.

  4. Optimized Visibility: Enhanced visibility features, such as coatings or design elements on the ultrasonic tips, contribute to better visualization under magnification. This ensures accurate targeting and retrieval of fractured files.


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