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Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown

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Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown


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HSN: 61149090

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Pack of 1 Gown


Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown is a specialized medical garment designed for use in surgical and sterile medical procedures. These gowns are intended to provide a barrier between the surgical team and the patient, helping to maintain aseptic conditions and reduce the risk of infection transmission. Here is a description of Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown:


Material: Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown is typically made from high-quality, non-woven, and breathable fabric materials. These materials are chosen for their ability to provide comfort to the wearer while ensuring an effective barrier against fluids, pathogens, and contaminants.

Sterility: One of the most critical features of this gown is its sterility. These gowns are typically sterilized using an autoclave or gamma irradiation, ensuring they are free from any microorganisms. Sterility is crucial in preventing the introduction of bacteria or other pathogens into the surgical field.

Design: The gown is designed to cover the wearer's entire body, including the front, back, arms, and legs. It typically features long sleeves with elastic cuffs to ensure a secure fit and prevent any exposure of the arms. The gown is also designed to overlap at the back, ensuring complete coverage.

Closure: Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown often has a secure and easy-to-use closure system, such as adjustable ties or hook-and-loop fasteners. This allows the gown to be securely fastened and adjusted for a comfortable fit.

Size Options: These gowns come in various sizes to accommodate different body types and provide a comfortable fit for healthcare professionals.

Fluid Resistance: The gown is designed to resist penetration by bodily fluids, blood, and other potentially infectious materials that may be encountered during surgical procedures.

Durability: While disposable, these gowns are made to be durable and tear-resistant, ensuring that they remain intact during the entire surgical procedure.

Packaging: Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown is usually individually packaged in a sterile pouch or packaging to maintain its sterility until it is ready for use. This packaging also allows for easy storage and distribution in healthcare settings.

Use: These gowns are worn by surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in operating rooms, during invasive medical procedures, and in sterile environments like the ICU and labor and delivery units.

Disposal: After use, the gown is disposed of as medical waste in accordance with infection control protocols and regulations.

Denmax Sterile Pack Surgeons Gown is a crucial component of infection control in healthcare settings. Their sterile nature and effective design help ensure the safety of both healthcare workers and patients during surgical and sterile medical procedures

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Country of OriginIndia
TypeSurgeons Gown
SterilitySterile Pack
ApplicationWorn by surgeons during sterile procedures