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Daynacare Infusion Set - Non Vented Pack of 50

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Daynacare Infusion Set - Non Vented Pack of 50



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Pack of 50

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1 x 50 Infusion Set

Description: Elevate your infusion therapy with the Daynacare Infusion Set - Non Vented, a consumable designed to meet the rigorous standards of medical professionals. This non-vented IV set is meticulously crafted to ensure precise and reliable administration of fluids, medications, blood products, or nutrients directly into a patient's bloodstream.

Key Features:

  • Rigid and Sharp Spike: The infusion set features a rigid and sharp spike that ensures efficient and secure piercing of the IV bag, facilitating the smooth flow of fluids during the infusion process.
  • 0.2 Micron Hydrophobic Filter: Equipped with a 0.2-micron hydrophobic filter, this infusion set prevents the entry of contaminants into the patient's bloodstream while allowing the passage of fluids, maintaining a sterile and safe administration.
  • Efficiency Roller Regulator with Clamp: The set includes an efficiency roller regulator with a clamp, offering medical professionals precise control over the flow rate. This feature ensures accurate and customized administration of fluids based on patient requirements.
  • Transparent and Flexible Drip Chamber: The transparent and flexible drip chamber allows healthcare providers to visually monitor the flow of fluids, facilitating real-time observation and adjustment during the infusion process.
  • Kink-Resistant Transparent Soft PVC Tubes: The infusion set incorporates kink-resistant transparent soft PVC tubes, ensuring a continuous and unimpeded flow of fluids. This feature enhances the reliability of the infusion process.
  • Fixed Luer Lock: With a fixed luer lock, the infusion set provides a secure and leak-free connection, preventing any accidental disconnections during the administration of fluids.
  • Purge Filter or Online Filter: The inclusion of a purge filter or online filter further enhances the set's ability to maintain the purity of the administered fluids, reducing the risk of contamination during infusion.
  • HM Vrients: The infusion set is designed with HM Vrients, contributing to its compatibility with various medical devices and ensuring seamless integration into diverse healthcare environments.


  • Precision and Reliability: The Daynacare Infusion Set - Non Vented offers medical professionals precision and reliability in fluid administration, ensuring accurate and controlled delivery of medications or nutrients into the patient's bloodstream.
  • Sterile and Safe Infusion: The 0.2-micron hydrophobic filter plays a pivotal role in maintaining a sterile infusion environment, preventing the entry of contaminants and safeguarding patient safety during the entire infusion therapy.
  • Customized Flow Control: The efficiency roller regulator with a clamp allows healthcare providers to customize the flow rate based on individual patient needs, promoting personalized and patient-centered care.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The transparent and flexible drip chamber enables real-time monitoring of fluid flow, empowering medical professionals to make timely adjustments and ensuring a seamless infusion experience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The infusion set's design with HM Vrients ensures versatile compatibility with a range of medical devices, making it suitable for integration into various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home care.

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