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2 x  Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card - Pack of 50 Test

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2 x Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card - Pack of 50 Test


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Pack of 50 Test

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Product Details

Key Features:

  1. Dual Antigen Detection: The Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card is engineered to detect both Pf-specific antigens and antigens common to other Plasmodium species, providing comprehensive screening for a wide range of malaria infections. This dual antigen detection capability enhances diagnostic accuracy and ensures thorough assessment of malaria cases.

  2. High Sensitivity and Specificity: Leveraging advanced antigen detection methods, this rapid card achieves exceptional sensitivity and specificity in identifying Pf and PAN antigens in human blood samples. Its robust performance minimizes the risk of false-positive or false-negative results, providing healthcare professionals with confidence in diagnostic accuracy.

  3. Rapid Test Results: With rapid test results available within minutes, the Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card facilitates swift diagnosis and timely initiation of appropriate treatment strategies. The quick turnaround time is particularly beneficial in clinical settings where prompt intervention is crucial for patient management and disease control.

  4. Simple Testing Procedure: The rapid card features a user-friendly testing procedure that can be performed with minimal training, making it suitable for use in various healthcare settings, including remote and resource-limited environments. The simplicity of the testing procedure enables healthcare professionals to conduct on-the-spot testing with ease and efficiency.

  5. Room Temperature Storage: The Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card is stable at room temperature, eliminating the need for refrigeration or special storage conditions. This feature enhances product shelf life and facilitates convenient stock management, ensuring readiness for diagnostic testing whenever needed.


  1. Timely Diagnosis and Treatment: By enabling the rapid detection of Pf and PAN antigens, this diagnostic tool supports timely diagnosis and initiation of appropriate treatment regimens for malaria infections. Early intervention is crucial for preventing disease progression and reducing morbidity and mortality associated with malaria.

  2. Comprehensive Malaria Screening: The dual antigen detection capability of the Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card allows for comprehensive screening of malaria infections caused by Pf and other Plasmodium species. Healthcare professionals can accurately diagnose a wide range of malaria cases, ensuring thorough patient assessment and management.

  3. Improved Patient Outcomes: Swift diagnosis with the rapid card enables healthcare professionals to implement targeted treatment strategies tailored to the specific malaria parasite species present in the patient's bloodstream. This personalized approach contributes to improved patient outcomes and reduced disease burden.

  4. Enhanced Disease Surveillance: The widespread use of this rapid diagnostic tool enhances disease surveillance efforts by providing real-time data on malaria prevalence and distribution. Healthcare authorities can utilize this information to implement proactive control measures and allocate resources effectively to malaria-endemic regions.

  5. Cost-effective Screening Solution: Offering cost-effective malaria screening at the point of care, the Cupikit Malaria Pf-PAN Antigen Rapid Card reduces the reliance on laboratory-based testing services, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Its affordability and accessibility make it a valuable tool for healthcare facilities seeking to optimize malaria control efforts.

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