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2 x  Cupikit LH Ovulation Rapid Card - Pack of 50 Test

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2 x Cupikit LH Ovulation Rapid Card - Pack of 50 Test


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Pack of 50 Test

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Product Details

Key Features:

  1. High Sensitivity and Specificity: The Cupikit LH Ovulation Rapid Card demonstrates exceptional sensitivity and specificity in detecting elevated levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine samples. Its reliable performance ensures accurate identification of the LH surge, allowing healthcare professionals to pinpoint the fertile window with confidence.

  2. Rapid Test Results: With rapid test results available within minutes, this diagnostic tool enables healthcare professionals to promptly determine the timing of ovulation in women. The quick turnaround time of the rapid card streamlines fertility assessment processes and facilitates timely intervention in assisted reproductive techniques.

  3. User-friendly Testing Procedure: The rapid card features a simple and user-friendly testing procedure that can be performed with ease by healthcare professionals. The intuitive design and clear instructions minimize the likelihood of errors, ensuring accurate and consistent results in clinical practice.

  4. Convenient Pack Size: Each pack of the Cupikit LH Ovulation Rapid Card contains 50 individual tests, providing healthcare facilities with a convenient and cost-effective solution for ovulation monitoring. The ample supply of tests supports ongoing fertility tracking and treatment planning for women seeking to conceive.

  5. Visual Interpretation of Results: The rapid card generates clear and easy-to-interpret results through visual color changes in the test and control lines. Healthcare professionals can accurately interpret the presence or absence of the LH surge, facilitating informed decision-making regarding fertility treatment options.


  1. Optimized Fertility Assessment: By accurately detecting the LH surge, the Cupikit LH Ovulation Rapid Card enhances fertility assessment and optimization in women undergoing reproductive planning or assisted reproductive therapies. Healthcare professionals can precisely identify the fertile window, maximizing the chances of conception.

  2. Timely Intervention in Reproductive Treatment: The rapid test results provided by the LH ovulation rapid card enable healthcare professionals to intervene promptly in assisted reproductive treatments, such as timed intercourse or ovulation induction. Timely intervention during the fertile window improves the success rates of fertility treatments and enhances patient satisfaction.

  3. Cost-effective Fertility Monitoring: Offering cost-effective ovulation monitoring at the point of care, this rapid diagnostic tool reduces the need for frequent laboratory-based testing and costly imaging procedures. Its affordability and accessibility make it a valuable asset for healthcare facilities seeking to optimize fertility care delivery.

  4. Empowerment of Women in Reproductive Health: The Cupikit LH Ovulation Rapid Card empowers women by providing them with valuable insights into their menstrual cycle and ovulatory patterns. By facilitating informed decision-making regarding fertility planning and treatment, the rapid card promotes patient autonomy and engagement in reproductive health management.

  5. Improved Patient Experience: The convenience and efficiency of the LH ovulation rapid card contribute to an improved patient experience during fertility assessment and treatment. Patients benefit from reduced wait times for test results and greater convenience in scheduling follow-up appointments, leading to enhanced satisfaction with the care received.

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