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7 x  C-Cure Plastic Gloves - Pack of 100

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7 x C-Cure Plastic Gloves - Pack of 100



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Pack of 100



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100 x Gloves

C-Cure Plastic Gloves stand as a fundamental component in maintaining hygiene and protection in diverse settings. Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, these consumable gloves offer a reliable barrier against contaminants, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in various applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Polyethylene Construction: Manufactured from high-quality polyethylene, C-Cure Plastic Gloves provide a durable and flexible protective barrier. The material offers excellent resistance against punctures and tears, ensuring reliable protection for the hands.

  2. Ambidextrous Design: The ambidextrous design of these gloves enhances user convenience, allowing for quick and easy donning on either hand. This feature streamlines processes in various industries where efficiency is paramount, promoting seamless use in tasks that require dexterity.

  3. Disposable and Hygienic: Designed for single-use applications, these gloves are disposable, promoting hygiene and preventing cross-contamination. Their disposable nature makes them suitable for a wide range of settings, from food handling to healthcare, where maintaining a sterile environment is crucial.


  1. Effective Barrier Protection: C-Cure Plastic Gloves provide an effective barrier against contaminants, minimizing the risk of direct contact with potentially harmful substances. Whether used in healthcare, food handling, or industrial settings, these gloves serve as a reliable protective measure.

  2. Versatility Across Applications: The gloves' versatility allows them to find applications in various settings, including food preparation, laboratory work, cleaning tasks, and more. Their durability and flexibility make them a practical choice for individuals in diverse industries.

  3. Convenient and Accessible Hygiene: With an ambidextrous design and disposable nature, C-Cure Plastic Gloves offer convenient and accessible hand hygiene. Whether used by healthcare professionals, service industry workers, or individuals in daily activities, these gloves contribute to maintaining a clean and protected environment.

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