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Bondent Standard 6% Gutta Percha Points - 20

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Bondent Standard 6% Gutta Percha Points - 20



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Bondent Standard 6% Gutta Percha Points are a fundamental and essential component in the field of endodontics, serving a critical role in root canal obturation. Manufactured by Bondent, a reputable name in dental supplies, these gutta percha points are meticulously designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern endodontic procedures. They play a vital role in achieving successful root canal treatments by providing a reliable and effective means of sealing the root canal system.

Key Features:

High-Quality Material: Bondent Standard Gutta Percha Points are crafted from premium-quality gutta percha, a natural rubber material known for its excellent sealing properties and biocompatibility.

Standardized Size: These gutta percha points are available in standardized sizes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of root canal systems and clinical scenarios.

6% Taper: The points feature a 6% taper, which facilitates optimal adaptation to the root canal's natural shape, enhancing the quality of the obturation and minimizing gaps or voids.

Precise Length Markings: Each gutta percha point is equipped with precise length markings, aiding in accurate depth measurement during obturation and minimizing the risk of overfilling.

ISO Color Coding: The points adhere to ISO color coding standards, allowing for easy identification of the point's size and taper, streamlining the selection process during procedures.

Sterile Packaging: Bondent Standard Gutta Percha Points are individually packaged in sterile conditions, ensuring their cleanliness and preventing contamination before use.

Biocompatible: Gutta percha is biocompatible and well-tolerated by periapical tissues, reducing the likelihood of post-operative complications or adverse reactions.

Excellent Radiopacity: The gutta percha material is highly radiopaque, making it clearly visible on X-rays for accurate post-treatment assessment.

Flexible and Pliable: These gutta percha points are flexible and pliable, allowing for easy manipulation and adaptation to the root canal's anatomy.

Thermal Properties: Gutta percha points exhibit excellent thermal properties, expanding and contracting in response to temperature changes, ensuring a hermetic seal within the root canal.

Consistency and Quality: Bondent, a trusted name in dental supplies, ensures that their gutta percha points consistently meet stringent quality control standards, providing reliability in clinical performance.

Versatile Application: Bondent Standard 6% Gutta Percha Points are suitable for a wide range of root canal obturation techniques, including lateral condensation, warm vertical condensation, and single-cone obturation.

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