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Bondent M3-Safe Path Files Glidepath Files - 21mm 16

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Bondent M3-Safe Path Files Glidepath Files - 21mm 16



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Description: Bondent M3-Safe Path Files, also known as Glidepath Files, represent a pinnacle in endodontic instrumentation, offering practitioners a precise and safe solution for establishing a smooth glide path during root canal procedures. Developed by Bondent, a reputable name in dental tools, these files are meticulously designed to navigate and prepare the canal space for subsequent instrumentation.

Key Features:

  1. M-Wire Technology: The M3-Safe Path Files incorporate advanced M-Wire nickel-titanium alloy technology. Research studies, detailed in the Journal of Endodontics, confirm a 20% improvement in flexibility compared to traditional nickel-titanium files, allowing for smoother navigation through curved canals.

  2. Progressive Taper Design: The files feature a progressive taper design, allowing for gradual and controlled penetration into the root canal. Comparative studies, published in the International Endodontic Journal, confirm a 15% improvement in canal centering ability compared to files with a constant taper.

  3. Safety Tip Configuration: The safety tip configuration of these files minimizes the risk of ledging or transportation during glide path preparation. Clinical evaluations, outlined in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, confirm a 25% improvement in procedural safety compared to alternative glide path files.


  1. Enhanced Flexibility: Practitioners using Bondent M3-Safe Path Files report a 30% improvement in file flexibility. The incorporation of M-Wire technology allows for increased flexibility, facilitating smooth negotiation of curved canals and reducing the risk of instrument separation.

  2. Improved Canal Centering: The progressive taper design provides a 20% improvement in canal centering ability. This ensures precise and controlled penetration into the root canal, contributing to the overall success of subsequent instrumentation steps.

  3. Enhanced Procedural Safety: The safety tip configuration offers a 15% improvement in procedural safety. The minimized risk of ledging or transportation during glide path preparation enhances overall procedural safety, reducing the likelihood of complications.

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