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Bondent Endo Irrigation Needles - 22mm Posterior Teeth

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Bondent Endo Irrigation Needles - 22mm Posterior Teeth



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Description: Bondent Endo Irrigation Needles are specialized instruments designed to enhance the effectiveness of root canal irrigation, ensuring thorough cleansing and disinfection during endodontic procedures. Meticulously crafted, these needles play a crucial role in maintaining a sterile and optimally prepared root canal system.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Tip Design: The needles feature a precision tip design that allows for accurate placement of irrigation solutions into the root canal space. This design, supported by endodontic literature, facilitates targeted and efficient irrigation.

  2. Flexible and Non-Clogging: Crafted from materials that offer flexibility and resistance to clogging, Bondent Endo Irrigation Needles ensure a consistent and uninterrupted flow of irrigants. This feature is essential for achieving comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.

  3. Variety of Gauges and Lengths: The availability of various gauges and lengths accommodates diverse clinical scenarios and anatomical variations. This versatility is crucial for tailoring the irrigation process to the specific needs of each root canal procedure.


  1. Effective Irrigant Delivery: The precision tip design allows for effective delivery of irrigants to the root canal space, reaching areas that are challenging to access. This contributes to the removal of debris, bacteria, and tissue remnants for thorough disinfection.

  2. Consistent Flow: The flexible and non-clogging nature of the needles ensures a consistent and uninterrupted flow of irrigants throughout the procedure. This reliability is crucial for maintaining optimal irrigation conditions during root canal treatments.

  3. Customized Irrigation: The variety of gauges and lengths provides practitioners with the flexibility to customize the irrigation process based on the unique characteristics of each root canal. This adaptability supports efficient and tailored endodontic care.

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