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Bode Korsolex Rapid 500ml

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Bode Korsolex Rapid 500ml



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Product Details

HSN: 38089400

What is in the box

1 x 500ml Disinfectant

Description: Introducing Bode Korsolex Rapid, a groundbreaking disinfectant solution meticulously crafted for the medical community. Developed in alignment with the latest advancements in healthcare hygiene, this product exemplifies Bode's commitment to providing doctors with cutting-edge tools for infection prevention.

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Microbicidal Action: Bode Korsolex Rapid boasts an accelerated microbicidal action, swiftly eliminating a broad spectrum of pathogens. This is substantiated by quantitative data indicating an impressive reduction in microbial load within a short contact time.

  2. Aldehyde-Free Formulation: With an aldehyde-free formulation, Bode Korsolex Rapid offers effective disinfection without the use of traditional aldehyde compounds. This innovative approach ensures a high level of safety for both healthcare professionals and patients, aligning with the latest research on disinfection protocols.

  3. Residual Efficacy: Extending its protective impact, Bode Korsolex Rapid exhibits notable residual efficacy. This ensures a prolonged defense against microbial colonization, crucial in high-risk medical environments.

  4. Material Compatibility: This disinfectant is engineered to be compatible with a wide range of medical instruments and surfaces. The product's material compatibility ensures the preservation of equipment integrity while delivering robust disinfection.


  1. Time-Efficient Disinfection Protocols: Bode Korsolex Rapid's swift microbicidal action translates into time-efficient disinfection protocols. Doctors can benefit from reduced turnaround times between patient interactions, optimizing workflow efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Safety Profile: The aldehyde-free formulation prioritizes the safety of healthcare practitioners and patients alike. Doctors can confidently use Bode Korsolex Rapid, knowing that it aligns with the latest safety standards in medical disinfection.

  3. Prolonged Infection Prevention: The residual efficacy of Bode Korsolex Rapid provides an extended shield against microbial threats. In high-traffic medical settings, this translates into a sustained defense, contributing to comprehensive infection prevention.

  4. Preservation of Medical Equipment: The product's excellent material compatibility ensures the longevity and integrity of medical instruments and surfaces. This not only safeguards the equipment investment but also contributes to maintaining a sterile clinical environment.

Sold by Indo Danish Laboratories & fulfilled byMedikabazaar

Country of OriginGermany