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Biofootprints Mytest Dengue NS1 - Pack of 10 Tests (MTR00510)

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Biofootprints Mytest Dengue NS1 - Pack of 10 Tests (MTR00510)


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Pack of 10 Tests

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Product Details

What is in the box

Dengue NS1 device individually foil pouch with a desiccant, Sample applicator, Package Insert.

Description: Unveiling the Biofootprints Mytest Dengue NS1, a sophisticated diagnostic solution meticulously crafted for medical practitioners dedicated to accurate and timely dengue virus detection. This pack of 10 tests harnesses advanced immunochromatographic technology, setting a new standard in Dengue NS1 antigen diagnostics. Tailored for precision and reliability, the kit focuses on rapid identification of the Dengue NS1 antigen, offering critical insights for effective patient management.

Key Features:

  1. NS1 Antigen Detection: The Mytest Dengue NS1 distinguishes itself with its exclusive focus on detecting the Dengue NS1 antigen. This singular emphasis enhances diagnostic accuracy, enabling healthcare professionals to swiftly identify the presence of the virus in suspected cases.

  2. Rapid Turnaround Time: Engineered for efficiency, these tests deliver rapid results, providing healthcare providers with timely information for prompt decision-making. The shortened turnaround time contributes to effective patient care and aids in the containment of Dengue outbreaks.

  3. High Sensitivity and Specificity: Rigorously validated, the tests exhibit an exceptional sensitivity rate of X% and specificity of Y%, surpassing industry standards. This high level of performance ensures dependable results, crucial for confident clinical decision-making.

  4. Compact Packaging: The pack of 10 tests is compactly packaged for convenience and ease of use. The thoughtful packaging design enhances portability while safeguarding the integrity of the diagnostic components during storage and transportation.


  1. Early Dengue Detection: The high sensitivity of the Mytest Dengue NS1 enables early and precise identification of Dengue virus infections, facilitating timely initiation of appropriate medical interventions and reducing the risk of severe complications.

  2. Streamlined Patient Care: The rapid turnaround time of these tests streamlines patient care by providing quick diagnostic results. This efficiency aids healthcare professionals in making timely decisions, optimizing resource utilization, and enhancing overall patient outcomes.

  3. Focused Diagnostic Approach: With exclusive focus on Dengue NS1 antigen detection, the Mytest Dengue NS1 provides a targeted and specialized diagnostic solution for healthcare practitioners dealing specifically with Dengue cases, contributing to a more efficient diagnostic workflow.

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