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BD Sodium Citrate Vacutainer  Blood Collection Tube - 2.7ml Pack of 100 (363083)

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BD Sodium Citrate Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube - 2.7ml Pack of 100 (363083)



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1x100 Tubes

Description: The BD Sodium Citrate Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube, meticulously designed to meet the stringent demands of modern healthcare, represents a pinnacle in precision specimen collection. Developed by BD, a trailblazer in medical technology, this product showcases a sophisticated blend of innovation and reliability. In dissecting its technical attributes, one uncovers a tool tailored to the discerning needs of healthcare professionals, ensuring accuracy and consistency in coagulation studies.

Key Features:

  1. Sodium Citrate Anticoagulant for Coagulation Studies: At the heart of this collection tube is BD's specialized sodium citrate anticoagulant, precisely calibrated for coagulation studies. This formulation ensures the preservation of blood in its liquid state, allowing for accurate assessment of clotting factors. The 2.7ml draw volume provides an optimal specimen size for a spectrum of coagulation assays.

  2. Vacuum Technology for Reliable Draws: Leveraging advanced vacuum technology, each tube in the pack of 100 guarantees consistent and reliable blood draws. This vacuum system eliminates variability in draw volume, a critical factor in coagulation studies where precision is paramount. The technology enhances the uniformity of collected specimens, contributing to the accuracy of coagulation analyses.

  3. Enhanced Tube Design for User Convenience: The BD Sodium Citrate Vacutainer Tube features an enhanced design that prioritizes user convenience. With a standardized draw volume of 2.7ml, this collection tube ensures ease of use while providing an ample specimen size for coagulation studies. The thoughtful design facilitates seamless integration into the workflow of busy healthcare settings.


  1. Precision in Coagulation Assessment: The specialized sodium citrate anticoagulant is tailored to maintain blood in a liquid state, preserving the integrity of clotting factors. This precision is essential for accurate coagulation studies, ensuring that healthcare professionals receive reliable insights into a patient's hemostatic profile.

  2. Consistent and Reliable Blood Draws: The integration of advanced vacuum technology ensures consistent and reliable blood draws. This feature is particularly critical in coagulation studies, where even minor variations in sample volume can impact the accuracy of results. With BD's Sodium Citrate Vacutainer Tube, medical professionals can trust in the uniformity of specimens collected.

  3. User-Friendly Design for Seamless Integration: The enhanced tube design, coupled with a standardized draw volume of 2.7ml, enhances user convenience. This thoughtful design allows for easy integration into the workflow of healthcare professionals, ensuring a smooth and efficient specimen collection process.

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