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Basco Non Autoclavable Moulded Bipolar Cable - PVC

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Basco Non Autoclavable Moulded Bipolar Cable - PVC



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Product Details

Description: Unveiling the Basco Non-Autoclavable Moulded Bipolar Cable PVC – a sophisticated solution meticulously crafted for the discerning medical professional. This essential accessory seamlessly integrates into the dynamic surgical environment, delivering precision and reliability with every use.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Materials: The Basco Non-Autoclavable Moulded Bipolar Cable is meticulously engineered with optimized materials, ensuring durability and long-term performance. The molded design enhances its structural integrity, providing consistent functionality throughout various surgical applications.

  2. PVC Construction: The cable boasts a PVC construction that not only enhances its flexibility but also facilitates seamless maneuverability during surgical procedures. This characteristic is especially valuable in intricate surgeries where precise instrument control is paramount.

  3. Bipolar Technology: Leveraging advanced bipolar technology, the cable delivers controlled energy transmission, minimizing the risk of collateral tissue damage. Surgeons can confidently utilize this cable for a spectrum of bipolar electrosurgical applications, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

  4. Secure Connectivity: The non-autoclavable nature of the cable offers a secure and reliable connectivity solution. The molded design contributes to maintaining signal integrity, promoting consistent performance in various surgical scenarios.


  1. Enhanced Durability: Crafted with a focus on durability, the Basco Non-Autoclavable Moulded Bipolar Cable is designed to withstand the demands of frequent surgical use. Its robust construction ensures a prolonged lifespan, making it a reliable tool in the operating room.

  2. Precision in Surgical Procedures: The PVC construction and advanced bipolar technology converge to provide surgeons with a tool that facilitates precise energy delivery. This characteristic is particularly crucial in delicate surgeries where accuracy is paramount to success.

  3. Operational Flexibility: The cable's PVC construction not only enhances flexibility but also contributes to operational ease. Surgeons benefit from a versatile tool that adapts to different surgical requirements, enhancing overall procedural efficiency.

  4. Cost-Effective Solution: The non-autoclavable design makes the Basco Bipolar Cable a cost-effective solution for medical facilities. Its durable construction and optimized materials contribute to a product that balances performance with economical considerations.

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