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Avue Avuepex Premixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste - With Iodoform 1.5gm

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Avue Avuepex Premixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste - With Iodoform 1.5gm



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1 x Calcium Hydrooxide Paste

Description: Avue Avuepex Premixed Calcium Hydroxide Paste stands as an innovative solution in endodontic care, meticulously formulated for optimal therapeutic outcomes. This premixed calcium hydroxide paste is designed to simplify root canal treatments while ensuring precision and reliability. Avuepex reflects a commitment to excellence, offering dental professionals a convenient and scientifically backed tool for creating an ideal environment for endodontic healing.

Key Features:

  1. Ready-to-Use Convenience: Avuepex comes in a premixed form, eliminating the need for manual mixing. This ready-to-use convenience streamlines the root canal procedure, saving valuable chair time and ensuring consistent application of calcium hydroxide for optimal therapeutic effects.

  2. Sustained Release of Calcium Hydroxide: The paste is engineered for sustained release of calcium hydroxide, promoting long-term antibacterial and tissue-healing effects within the root canal system. This feature is supported by scientific research, demonstrating the paste's ability to maintain therapeutic levels over an extended period.

  3. Bioactive Microcrystals: Avuepex incorporates bioactive microcrystals, enhancing the penetration of calcium hydroxide into dentinal tubules. This facilitates thorough disinfection and dentin conditioning, contributing to the overall success of endodontic treatments.


  1. Efficient Intracanal Medication: Avuepex simplifies the application of intracanal medication, ensuring uniform coverage and sustained release of calcium hydroxide. This efficiency supports dentists in creating an optimal environment for disinfection and promoting periapical tissue healing.

  2. Scientifically Validated Therapeutic Effects: Scientific studies affirm the therapeutic efficacy of Avuepex, demonstrating its ability to effectively neutralize bacterial activity and promote dentin remineralization. Dental professionals can rely on the evidence-based design of Avuepex for consistent and predictable endodontic outcomes.

  3. Minimized Postoperative Discomfort: The sustained release of calcium hydroxide, combined with the paste's biocompatible formulation, contributes to minimized postoperative discomfort for patients. This patient-centric approach aligns with Avue's commitment to enhancing the overall endodontic experience.

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