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Avue 6 X 6 Rubber Dam Sheets - Black Medium Mint Pack of 36pcs

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Avue 6 X 6 Rubber Dam Sheets - Black Medium Mint Pack of 36pcs



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Pack of 36pcs

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Product Details

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1 x 36 Rubber Dam Sheets

Description: Avue presents the 6 x 6 Rubber Dam Sheets, an essential tool for isolation and moisture control in dental procedures. Meticulously crafted from high-quality latex, these rubber dam sheets offer superior elasticity, tear resistance, and ease of placement. Designed with precision and attention to detail, Avue's rubber dam sheets provide a reliable barrier for optimal clinical outcomes.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Latex Material: Crafted from premium latex material, Avue's Rubber Dam Sheets exhibit exceptional elasticity and tear resistance. The latex undergoes rigorous quality control measures, ensuring a consistent and reliable product for dental isolation.

  2. 6 x 6 Size for Versatility: The 6 x 6 dimensions of these rubber dam sheets provide versatility in various dental procedures. This size is particularly suitable for a range of applications, offering dental practitioners flexibility in adapting to different patient cases.

  3. Color-Coding for Convenience: Avue incorporates a color-coding system into the rubber dam sheets, streamlining the identification process during application. This feature enhances efficiency and precision in isolating specific teeth or quadrants, contributing to a well-organized and effective workflow.

  4. Easy Placement and Removal: Avue prioritizes user-friendly design, ensuring that the rubber dam sheets are easy to place and remove. This feature minimizes chair time, providing a convenient and efficient experience for both dental practitioners and patients.


  1. Optimal Moisture Control: The high-quality latex material, coupled with the sheets' elasticity, ensures optimal moisture control during dental procedures. This is crucial for achieving a dry operating field, enhancing the accuracy of restorative and endodontic treatments.

  2. Versatile Applications: The 6 x 6 size offers versatility, making Avue's Rubber Dam Sheets suitable for a broad range of dental procedures. From simple restorations to complex endodontic treatments, these sheets adapt to various clinical scenarios.

  3. Enhanced Organization with Color-Coding: The color-coded system simplifies the isolation process, allowing for quick and accurate identification of specific teeth or areas. This contributes to a more organized and efficient dental workflow.

  4. Time-Efficient Placement and Removal: Avue's emphasis on easy placement and removal enhances overall chairside efficiency. Dental practitioners can save valuable time without compromising the effectiveness of rubber dam isolation.

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