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Athenese ADX-Heme-330 3-Part Hematology Analyser - 1 Unit (ADX-330)

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Athenese ADX-Heme-330 3-Part Hematology Analyser - 1 Unit (ADX-330)


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Product Details

Description: The Athenese ADX-Heme-330 3-Part Hematology Analyzer (ADX-330) represents a cutting-edge solution for accurate and efficient blood analysis. This state-of-the-art instrument is designed to provide comprehensive insights into blood cell counts, differentials, and various hematological parameters, catering to the diagnostic needs of clinical laboratories.

Key Features:

  1. 3-Part Differential Analysis: The ADX-Heme-330 offers a 3-part differential analysis, providing detailed information on white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. This capability aids in the identification and quantification of different blood cell types.

  2. High Throughput: Engineered for high throughput, this hematology analyzer ensures rapid processing of blood samples, optimizing laboratory workflow. Its efficiency is particularly beneficial for laboratories with varying testing demands.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The instrument features a user-friendly interface, allowing laboratory personnel to navigate through the system effortlessly. The intuitive design facilitates easy operation and programming of the analyzer for different testing parameters.

  4. Comprehensive Hematological Parameters: The ADX-Heme-330 provides a wide range of hematological parameters, including complete blood count (CBC), hemoglobin concentration, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), and more. This comprehensive data aids clinicians in diagnosing various hematological conditions.


  1. Accurate Blood Cell Analysis: With its 3-part differential analysis, the ADX-Heme-330 ensures accurate and detailed information on different blood cell populations. This accuracy is crucial for precise diagnoses and patient management.

  2. Efficient Workflow: The high throughput design of the hematology analyzer contributes to an efficient laboratory workflow, enabling timely processing of blood samples. This efficiency is essential for meeting the demands of a busy clinical laboratory.

  3. Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience, making the ADX-Heme-330 accessible to both experienced laboratory professionals and those new to hematology analysis. This ease of use streamlines daily operations.

  4. Comprehensive Diagnostic Information: By providing a comprehensive set of hematological parameters, the analyzer equips healthcare professionals with valuable information for diagnosing and monitoring various blood disorders.

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