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Astra Cassettes with Detachable Lid and Writing Space for Embedding - Strip Holes White Pack of 100 Pieces (AEC-01W)

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Astra Cassettes with Detachable Lid and Writing Space for Embedding - Strip Holes White Pack of 100 Pieces (AEC-01W)


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Pack of 100 Pieces

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1x Pack of 100 Pieces

The Astra Cassettes with Detachable Lid and Writing Space are meticulously designed for embedding procedures, offering a superior solution for handling specimens with precision and efficiency. Crafted from P.O.M (Polyoxymethylene) material, these cassettes provide durability and reliability in the laboratory environment.

Key Features:

  1. Durable P.O.M Material: The cassettes are constructed with Polyoxymethylene, a high-performance engineering thermoplastic known for its durability and resistance to chemicals. This material ensures the longevity of the cassettes under the rigors of laboratory use.

  2. Detachable Lid for Versatile Access: Featuring a detachable lid, these cassettes offer versatile access to specimens during embedding procedures. The lid securely attaches to the cassette, providing ease of use for technicians and ensuring the integrity of the specimen.

  3. Ample Writing Space: Each cassette is designed with an ample writing surface, allowing for clear and organized specimen identification. This writing space facilitates accurate labeling and tracking, contributing to streamlined laboratory workflows.


  1. Precision in Specimen Handling: The Astra Cassettes with Detachable Lid and Writing Space prioritize precision in specimen handling. The use of durable P.O.M material ensures that specimens are securely housed, minimizing the risk of damage during embedding procedures.

  2. Versatility in Access: The detachable lid enhances the versatility of these cassettes, providing easy access to specimens. This feature is particularly beneficial when handling various sample sizes and types, accommodating the diverse needs of laboratory protocols.

  3. Efficient Specimen Identification: The ample writing space on each cassette allows for efficient and clear specimen identification. Technicians can easily label cassettes with essential information, contributing to organized sample management and reducing the likelihood of errors.

  4. Chemical Resistance:
    P.O.M material is known for its chemical resistance, making these cassettes suitable for use in diverse laboratory environments. They can withstand exposure to various chemicals commonly used in embedding processes, ensuring reliability in specimen preservation.

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