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APS Lifetech qPCR 96 Well Plate Optical Sealing Membrane - Pack of 100 Pieces (APS-QSM)

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APS Lifetech qPCR 96 Well Plate Optical Sealing Membrane - Pack of 100 Pieces (APS-QSM)


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1x Pack of 100 Pieces

Description: Introducing the APS Lifetech qPCR 96 Well Plate Optical Sealing Membrane - an indispensable accessory (APS-QSM) designed to elevate the performance of qPCR assays. This pack of 100 sealing membranes complements our 96-well plates, creating a hermetic seal that safeguards the integrity of your precious samples throughout the amplification process.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Optical Clarity: Engineered with a high-transparency polymer, the sealing membrane ensures optimal optical clarity, enabling real-time monitoring of qPCR reactions. This feature is crucial for precise fluorescence signal detection, enhancing data accuracy.

  2. Tight Seal Integrity: The APS-QSM forms a reliable, hermetic seal on the qPCR plate, preventing evaporation and contamination. This tight seal ensures the consistency of reaction conditions, vital for achieving reliable and reproducible results in your molecular diagnostic assays.

  3. Chemical Compatibility: The sealing membrane is resistant to a broad range of chemicals commonly used in qPCR assays, ensuring compatibility with various reaction components. This feature safeguards against interference and degradation, preserving the integrity of your experimental conditions.

  4. Peelable Design: The membranes are designed for easy and residue-free removal post-reaction, simplifying post-amplification processes such as sample recovery or additional analysis steps. This peelable design minimizes the risk of sample loss during plate handling.


  1. Precision Assurance: The optical sealing membrane guarantees minimal light distortion, providing a clear window for fluorescence signal detection. This precision assurance is fundamental for obtaining accurate and reliable quantification data in your qPCR experiments.

  2. Sample Protection: By preventing evaporation and contamination, the sealing membrane ensures the stability of reaction conditions and protects your valuable samples. This results in consistent and trustworthy molecular diagnostic outcomes.

  3. Operational Efficiency: The peelable design streamlines post-amplification workflows, enhancing overall operational efficiency in the laboratory. With the APS Lifetech qPCR Sealing Membrane, you can focus on the science, confident in the reliability and consistency of your experimental conditions.

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