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APS Lifetech Centrifuge Tubes Gamma Sterile - 15ml Pack of 500 Pieces (MAG-5105)

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APS Lifetech Centrifuge Tubes Gamma Sterile - 15ml Pack of 500 Pieces (MAG-5105)


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1x Pack of 500 Pieces

Description: The APS Lifetech Centrifuge Tubes Gamma Sterile (MAG-5111) represent a pinnacle in sample processing, ensuring the utmost integrity and sterility in every application. This pack of 500 centrifuge tubes, each with a 50ml capacity, meets the highest industry standards, providing a reliable solution for your critical laboratory needs.

Key Features:

  1. Gamma Sterilization: Employing advanced gamma sterilization technology, these centrifuge tubes guarantee a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10^-6. This meticulous sterilization process eliminates microbial contaminants, ensuring aseptic conditions for sample processing and storage.

  2. Robust Design: The tubes are constructed from durable and chemical-resistant materials, capable of withstanding high-speed centrifugation without compromising structural integrity. This robust design ensures the tubes maintain their shape and performance even under extreme centrifugal forces.

  3. Secure Seal Cap: Fitted with a secure seal cap, the centrifuge tubes prevent sample leakage and minimize the risk of cross-contamination. The sealing mechanism ensures a tight closure, essential for maintaining sample integrity during centrifugation and storage.

  4. Clear Graduations: Precise volume measurement is facilitated by clear and easy-to-read graduations on the tube, providing accuracy in sample preparation and aliquoting. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications demanding meticulous sample handling.


  1. Reliable Sterility: The gamma sterilization process employed in the manufacturing of these tubes guarantees a sterile environment, critical for sensitive applications such as cell culture, molecular biology, and clinical diagnostics. Researchers can confidently rely on the purity of their samples.

  2. Versatile Application: With a 50ml capacity, these centrifuge tubes cater to a broad spectrum of laboratory applications, from high-speed centrifugation to storage of valuable biological samples. Their versatility makes them an essential component in any research or clinical setting.

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