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APS Lifetech 96 Well Elisa Plate 8-Well - Detachable Pack of 25 Pieces (A505201)

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APS Lifetech 96 Well Elisa Plate 8-Well - Detachable Pack of 25 Pieces (A505201)


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1x Pack of 25 Pieces

Description: The APS Lifetech 96 Well ELISA Plate 8-Well (A505201) is a versatile and efficient solution for immunoassays, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), and other biochemical analyses. This pack of 25 plates combines the precision of a 96-well format with the flexibility of detachable 8-well strips, offering researchers unparalleled convenience in experimental setups.

Key Features:

  1. Detachable 8-Well Strips: Each plate is ingeniously designed with detachable 8-well strips, providing flexibility in experimental setups. Researchers can work with smaller batches of samples without compromising the integrity of the remaining plate, optimizing resource utilization.

  2. 96-Well Format: The 96-well format ensures compatibility with automated liquid handling systems and facilitates high-throughput analysis. This feature is essential for laboratories conducting large-scale experiments or screening procedures.

  3. Optical Clarity: The plates boast optical clarity for precise and reliable results in various detection methods, including absorbance and fluorescence. The clear wells enhance signal detection and minimize background interference, ensuring accurate and reproducible data.

  4. Uniform Well Distribution: Each well is uniformly distributed, ensuring consistency in sample handling and measurements. The precisely engineered wells contribute to the reproducibility of experimental results and enhance the overall reliability of the ELISA process.


  1. Flexible Experimental Design: The detachable 8-well strips provide flexibility in experimental design, allowing researchers to work with smaller sample sizes when needed. This feature enhances resource management and accommodates diverse laboratory requirements.

  2. High-Throughput Capability: The 96-well format supports high-throughput applications, making these plates ideal for laboratories engaged in large-scale screening or analyses. The compatibility with automated systems streamlines workflow efficiency.

  3. Enhanced Signal Detection: The optical clarity of the plates ensures optimal signal detection in various assays, leading to accurate and reliable results. Researchers can confidently perform sensitive detection methods, including absorbance and fluorescence.

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