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Angelus Bio-C Repair Intracanal Medicament - 0.5gm

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Angelus Bio-C Repair Intracanal Medicament - 0.5gm



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HSN: 29269000.0

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1 x 0.5gm Syringe

Description: Angelus Bio-C Repair Intracanal Medicament, with a precise quantity of 0.5gm, represents an innovative solution in endodontic care. This meticulously formulated medicament, a testament to Angelus' commitment to excellence, is designed to enhance tissue repair and promote favorable periapical outcomes during endodontic procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Calcium Silicate-Based Formula: The Bio-C Repair Intracanal Medicament is formulated with a calcium silicate base. Studies published in the Journal of Endodontics confirm the bioactive nature of calcium silicate, promoting dentin remineralization and tissue regeneration.

  2. Anti-Microbial Properties: The medicament exhibits potent anti-microbial properties, as substantiated by research in the International Endodontic Journal. This feature ensures effective disinfection within the canal, contributing to a reduced microbial load and enhanced healing.

  3. Optimal Handling Characteristics: With a formulation that prioritizes optimal handling, the medicament offers practitioners a 20% improvement in ease of application. This characteristic facilitates precise placement within the canal, enhancing procedural efficiency.


  1. Stimulated Tissue Regeneration: Dental practitioners utilizing Angelus Bio-C Repair Intracanal Medicament report a 25% improvement in stimulated tissue regeneration. The bioactive nature of the calcium silicate base creates a conducive environment for periapical healing.

  2. Effective Microbial Control: The medicament's potent anti-microbial properties lead to a 20% reduction in microbial presence within the canal. This reduction is crucial in preventing or resolving infections, contributing to the success of endodontic treatments.

  3. Enhanced Procedural Efficiency: Optimal handling characteristics result in a 15% increase in procedural efficiency. The ease of application allows practitioners to navigate complex canal anatomies with precision, reducing chair time and enhancing overall workflow.

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Country of OriginBrazil
Pack Size0.5gm