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2 x  Alpine Combo NS1+IgG Dengue Rapid Card - Pack of 5 Tests

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2 x Alpine Combo NS1+IgG Dengue Rapid Card - Pack of 5 Tests



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Product Details

The Alpine Combo NS1+IgG Dengue Rapid Card is a breakthrough diagnostic tool that combines the detection of Dengue virus NS1 antigen and IgG antibodies in a single test, offering comprehensive and rapid results. Here are its key features:

1. Dual Functionality: This rapid card stands out for its ability to simultaneously detect Dengue virus NS1 antigen and IgG antibodies in a single sample. It provides a holistic view of a patient's Dengue infection status, including early detection and antibody response assessment.

2. High Sensitivity: The Alpine Combo NS1+IgG Dengue Rapid Card boasts an impressive sensitivity of 99%, ensuring accurate and reliable results. It excels in detecting even low levels of NS1 antigen and IgG antibodies, contributing to the early identification of Dengue infection.

3. Exceptional Specificity: With a specificity of
100%, this rapid card minimizes the chances of false-positive results. Healthcare providers can confidently rely on its findings, reducing unnecessary follow-up tests and potential patient anxiety.

4. Versatile Sample Compatibility: This diagnostic tool accepts serum and plasma samples, accommodating different preferences and clinical requirements. It offers flexibility in sample collection, making it suitable for various healthcare settings.

5. Extended Shelf Life: The rapid card has a substantial shelf life of 24 months. This extended duration allows healthcare facilities to maintain a consistent supply of testing materials, streamlining inventory management.

6. Swift Results: Healthcare professionals can obtain test results within a mere 20 minutes, facilitating timely patient care decisions. Rapid turnaround times are crucial for managing Dengue cases effectively.

7. Temperature Tolerant: The Alpine Combo NS1+IgG Dengue Rapid Card can be stored within a temperature range of 2°C to 30°C, ensuring product stability in different environments. This adaptability guarantees reliable performance, regardless of climate conditions.

8. Enhanced Diagnostic Capability: By detecting both NS1 antigen and IgG antibodies, this rapid card assists healthcare providers in differentiating between early-stage and past Dengue infections. It aids in tracking disease progression and the potential risk of severe Dengue complications.Top of Form

Specifications :

Sample Volume : 5ul

Specimen : Serum/ Plasma

Sensitivity : 99%

Specifcity : 100%

Shelf Life : 24 Months

Result Time : Within 20 Minutes

Stored : at 2-30°C

Sold by Alpine Biomedicals Pvt Ltd & fulfilled byMedikabazaar