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5 x  Alpha Ria Vial - 12 x 75mm Pack of 100 Pieces

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5 x Alpha Ria Vial - 12 x 75mm Pack of 100 Pieces


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12 x 75mm

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Pack of 100 Pieces

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Pack of 100 Pieces

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Dimensions (12 x 75mm): The Alpha Ria Vial boasts optimized dimensions of 12 x 75mm, precisely tailored to meet the requirements of radioimmunoassay techniques. This standardized size ensures compatibility with a wide range of diagnostic instruments, offering versatility in laboratory applications.

  2. Premium-Quality Material: Crafted from premium-quality materials, these vials ensure the integrity of the diagnostic process. The material is selected to minimize interference with assay components, maintaining the purity of samples and upholding the accuracy of diagnostic results.

  3. High Transparency: The vials exhibit high transparency, facilitating clear visibility during the RIA procedure. This transparency is essential for monitoring reactions, ensuring precise measurements, and providing doctors with the necessary insights into the diagnostic process.

  4. Consistent Wall Thickness: The Alpha Ria Vial features consistent wall thickness, a critical factor in maintaining uniform assay conditions. This consistency ensures reproducibility in diagnostic procedures, contributing to the reliability and accuracy of quantitative measurements.

  5. Gamma Radiation Sterilization: Each vial undergoes gamma radiation sterilization, a cutting-edge process that ensures the elimination of microorganisms without compromising the structural integrity of the vial. This sterile presentation guarantees the purity of samples and the accuracy of diagnostic outcomes.

  6. Wide Temperature Compatibility: Engineered to withstand a range of temperatures, these vials offer flexibility in storage conditions. The wide temperature compatibility ensures stability during sample storage and transportation, contributing to the reliability of diagnostic results.


  1. Compatibility with RIA Techniques: The optimized dimensions (12 x 75mm) make these vials universally compatible with radioimmunoassay techniques, providing doctors with a reliable tool for a diverse range of diagnostic applications.

  2. Enhanced Sample Purity: Crafted from premium-quality materials, the vials contribute to maintaining sample purity. This is crucial for accurate diagnostic results, especially in radioimmunoassay procedures where the interaction between antibodies and antigens is highly sensitive.

  3. Clear Visibility for Monitoring: High transparency ensures clear visibility during the diagnostic process, allowing doctors to monitor reactions and make real-time assessments. This feature enhances the diagnostic experience, enabling doctors to interpret results with confidence.

  4. Consistent and Reproducible Results: The consistent wall thickness of the vials is instrumental in maintaining uniform assay conditions. This contributes to the reproducibility of results, providing doctors with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of quantitative measurements.

  5. Sterility Assurance with Gamma Radiation: Gamma radiation sterilization ensures the elimination of microorganisms, guaranteeing the sterility of each vial. Doctors can trust in the purity of samples, confident that external contaminants are effectively eliminated.

  6. Versatility in Storage and Transportation: The wide temperature compatibility of the vials ensures versatility in storage and transportation conditions. This adaptability contributes to the efficient workflow in diagnostic laboratories, accommodating various logistical requirements.

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