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Alpha Blood Cell Counter - 5 Key Box of 1 Unit

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Alpha Blood Cell Counter - 5 Key Box of 1 Unit


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Key Features:

  1. Automated Cell Recognition: The Alpha Blood Cell Counter integrates advanced algorithms for automated cell recognition, significantly reducing manual counting errors. This feature enhances accuracy in identifying and quantifying different blood cell types, laying the foundation for reliable diagnostic results.

  2. High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with high-resolution imaging capabilities, this diagnostic marvel captures detailed images of blood cells. The clarity and precision afforded by the imaging system contribute to an in-depth analysis, ensuring subtle nuances in cell morphology are not overlooked.

  3. Five-Key Operation: The user-friendly interface of the Alpha Blood Cell Counter is distinguished by a five-key operation system. This simplicity in controls ensures ease of use for medical practitioners while providing access to a range of functions, promoting a seamless diagnostic workflow.

  4. Customizable Parameters: Tailoring diagnostics to specific patient profiles is made possible with customizable parameters. Medical professionals can adjust settings based on patient characteristics, ensuring the versatility of the Alpha Blood Cell Counter across a spectrum of clinical scenarios.

  5. Real-time Data Analysis: Real-time data analysis capabilities empower doctors with on-the-spot insights. Immediate access to comprehensive blood cell data allows for quick decision-making, particularly in critical situations where timely responses are paramount.


  1. Unparalleled Accuracy: The integration of automated cell recognition and high-resolution imaging culminates in unparalleled accuracy in blood cell counting. Doctors can trust the Alpha Blood Cell Counter to deliver precise results crucial for diagnosing a spectrum of hematological conditions.

  2. Time-Efficient Operation: The five-key operation system streamlines the diagnostic process, making the Alpha Blood Cell Counter exceptionally time-efficient. Medical professionals can focus on analysis rather than navigating complex interfaces, ultimately expediting patient care.

  3. Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence: Customizable parameters and real-time data analysis contribute to enhanced diagnostic confidence. Doctors can fine-tune settings to align with specific diagnostic requirements, ensuring that the Alpha Blood Cell Counter adapts seamlessly to the unique demands of individual cases.

  4. Comprehensive Blood Cell Analysis: The Alpha Blood Cell Counter provides a comprehensive analysis of blood cell populations, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This breadth of information aids doctors in formulating a thorough understanding of a patient's hematological profile.

  5. Seamless Integration into Clinical Workflow: Designed with user experience in mind, the Alpha Blood Cell Counter seamlessly integrates into the clinical workflow. Its intuitive interface and efficient operation make it a valuable asset in laboratories and medical practices, supporting doctors in delivering high-quality diagnostics.

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