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AGD Creatinine Test - 2 Bottles of 100ml ( Kinetic Method )

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AGD Creatinine Test - 2 Bottles of 100ml ( Kinetic Method )



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2 Bottle of 100ml

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Kinetic Method

Key Features:

  1. Quantitative Creatinine Measurement: The AGD Creatinine Test is distinguished by its ability to provide quantitative measurements of creatinine levels. This feature is essential for a comprehensive evaluation of renal function, enabling healthcare professionals to precisely monitor kidney health.

  2. Advanced Assay Technology: Engineered with advanced assay technology, this diagnostic test ensures reliable and reproducible results. The precision of the AGD Creatinine Test is underpinned by cutting-edge methodologies, contributing to the accuracy demanded by medical practitioners.

  3. Wide Dynamic Range: The test boasts a wide dynamic range, accommodating a spectrum of creatinine concentrations. This versatility makes it suitable for a diverse patient population, from routine screenings to specialized clinical scenarios, enhancing its applicability in various healthcare settings.

  4. Laboratory Standardization: AGD prioritizes laboratory standardization, aligning its Creatinine Test with industry benchmarks. This commitment ensures consistency in results across different laboratories, fostering reliability and facilitating comparative analyses in clinical research.

  5. Quality Control Measures: Rigorous quality control measures are integral to the AGD Creatinine Test. These measures include systematic checks and balances, guaranteeing the reliability and accuracy of each result. The implementation of stringent quality control underscores AGD's dedication to upholding diagnostic excellence.


  1. Precision in Renal Function Assessment: The quantitative creatinine measurements provided by the AGD Creatinine Test deliver unparalleled precision in renal function assessment. This accuracy is pivotal for identifying subtle changes in kidney health and guiding appropriate interventions.

  2. Reliable and Reproducible Results: Powered by advanced assay technology, the AGD Creatinine Test consistently delivers reliable and reproducible results. This reliability is paramount in clinical decision-making, providing healthcare professionals with the confidence to act upon the diagnostic information.

  3. Versatile Applicability: The wide dynamic range of the test ensures its versatile applicability in diverse clinical scenarios. From routine screenings to specialized cases, the AGD Creatinine Test adapts to the unique demands of each patient, offering flexibility in diagnostic evaluations.

  4. Consistent Standardization: AGD's commitment to laboratory standardization ensures that the Creatinine Test adheres to consistent and recognized benchmarks. This standardization is crucial for harmonizing results across different laboratories, facilitating meaningful comparisons in research and clinical practice.

  5. Quality Assurance for Diagnostic Excellence: Rigorous quality control measures embedded in the AGD Creatinine Test serve as a testament to the company's commitment to diagnostic excellence. Healthcare professionals can rely on the quality assurance protocols in place, enhancing the overall reliability of the diagnostic process.

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