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Abbott Abon Ethyl Glucuronide (Etg) Rapid Test Cassette(Urine Alcohol) Drug Testing Kit - Pack of 25 Tests

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Abbott Abon Ethyl Glucuronide (Etg) Rapid Test Cassette(Urine Alcohol) Drug Testing Kit - Pack of 25 Tests


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HSN: 90111000

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25 x Tests

Description: The Abbott Abon Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) Rapid Test Cassette (Urine Alcohol) Drug Testing Kit, available in a pack of 25 tests, is a sophisticated diagnostic solution meticulously developed for healthcare professionals. Crafted by Abbott, this testing kit employs advanced technology to deliver precise and rapid results, enabling clinicians to detect ethyl glucuronide, a metabolite of ethanol, with exceptional reliability.

Key Features:

  1. High Sensitivity and Specificity: The Abon EtG Rapid Test Cassette boasts high sensitivity and specificity, ensuring accurate detection of ethyl glucuronide in urine samples. This precision is vital for reliable results, distinguishing ethanol metabolites from potential cross-reactivity with other substances.

  2. Rapid Test Cassette Design: The cassette design simplifies the testing process, making it user-friendly for healthcare professionals. This format enhances the efficiency of testing without compromising result accuracy.

  3. Multi-Panel Capability: Featuring a multi-panel design, the testing kit enables simultaneous detection of various alcohol-related compounds. The comprehensive panel enhances diagnostic efficiency, providing a holistic view of alcohol exposure for more informed clinical decisions.

  4. Quick Turnaround Time: Engineered for efficiency, the Abon kit delivers rapid results, allowing healthcare professionals to swiftly assess alcohol exposure through the detection of EtG. This quick turnaround time is particularly valuable in emergency situations or routine screenings.


  1. Timely Intervention: The high sensitivity and rapid results of the Abon EtG Rapid Test Cassette facilitate timely intervention, enabling healthcare professionals to swiftly identify recent alcohol consumption. Early detection is crucial for implementing appropriate treatment plans and support.

  2. Comprehensive Detection: The multi-panel design ensures the comprehensive detection of various alcohol-related compounds, offering a holistic understanding of the patient's alcohol exposure. This information is invaluable for tailoring interventions to individual patient needs.

  3. Pack Size Convenience: With the capacity to conduct 25 tests in a single kit, healthcare providers benefit from a convenient and manageable screening solution. This flexibility is advantageous in various clinical settings.

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