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4U Gamjee Roll Absobent Cotton Wool Sterile - 10cm x 2m Pack of 1 (141002S)

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4U Gamjee Roll Absobent Cotton Wool Sterile - 10cm x 2m Pack of 1 (141002S)


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1 x Gamjee Roll

Description: Introducing the 4U Gamjee Roll Absorbent Cotton Wool Sterile, an indispensable asset in wound management. Meticulously designed, this sterile roll combines absorbent surgical cotton with woven gauze, delivering unparalleled performance in a convenient rolled form.

Key Features:

  1. Sterile/EO: Each roll undergoes rigorous sterilization using Ethylene Oxide (EO), ensuring optimal hygiene and safety standards. This makes it suitable for use in surgical procedures and aseptic wound environments, minimizing the risk of infection.

  2. Absorbent Cotton Wool: The core of the 4U Gamjee Roll comprises absorbent surgical cotton wool, renowned for its exceptional ability to absorb exudates and maintain a dry wound environment. This feature accelerates the healing process while minimizing the risk of maceration and secondary infections.

  3. Woven Gauze Wrap: Encasing the absorbent cotton wool is a layer of woven gauze, providing added structural integrity and facilitating secure application.

  4. Prevents Skin Maceration: The absorbent nature of the cotton wool coupled with the permeable gauze wrap prevents skin maceration, a common concern in wound management.

  5. Air Permeable: The design of the 4U Gamjee Roll allows for air permeability, enabling proper ventilation of the wound site.

  6. Available in Pad: In addition to the roll form, the 4U Gamjee is also available in pad form, offering versatility and adaptability to varying wound sizes and shapes.


  • Enhanced Wound Healing: The combination of absorbent cotton wool and woven gauze ensures efficient exudate management, fostering a conducive environment for accelerated wound healing.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications: By preventing skin maceration and maintaining optimal moisture balance, this sterile roll minimizes the risk of complications such as infection and delayed healing.
  • Ease of Application: The roll form allows for convenient customization and application, ensuring precise coverage and minimizing wastage.

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