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3M Polyether Adhesive Impression Accessory - Refill

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Enhanced imagery for representation purposes. Actual product may vary.

3M Polyether Adhesive Impression Accessory - Refill



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1 x 17ml Bottle

Description: The 3M Polyether Adhesive Impression Accessory is a specialized adhesive designed to enhance the performance and reliability of polyether impression materials. Developed by 3M, a renowned leader in dental innovations, this adhesive facilitates optimal bonding and ensures secure attachment of polyether impressions to trays.

Key Features:

  1. Secure Bonding: The adhesive provides secure bonding between polyether impression materials and trays. This ensures stability during the impression-taking process, minimizing the risk of displacement or distortion.

  2. Quick and Convenient Application: The adhesive is designed for quick and convenient application, streamlining the impression procedure. Its user-friendly application process allows for efficient chairside use without compromising precision.

  3. Compatibility with Polyether Materials: Formulated specifically for polyether materials, the adhesive offers excellent compatibility. This tailored formulation ensures a strong and reliable bond between the impression material and the tray surface.

  4. Minimized Risk of Trapped Air Bubbles: By promoting a secure bond, the adhesive minimizes the risk of trapped air bubbles between the impression material and tray. This contributes to the accuracy of the final impression by reducing potential artifacts.


  1. Enhanced Stability in Impressions: The secure bonding facilitated by the adhesive enhances the overall stability of polyether impressions. This is crucial for achieving accurate and distortion-free impressions that accurately represent the patient's oral anatomy.

  2. Time-Efficient Application: The quick and convenient application process of the adhesive contributes to time efficiency during the impression procedure. This is advantageous for both clinicians and patients, optimizing chairside time.

  3. Material-Specific Formulation: The material-specific formulation ensures compatibility with polyether materials, maximizing the adhesive's effectiveness. This targeted approach contributes to the overall success of the impression process.

  4. Artifact Reduction: By minimizing the risk of trapped air bubbles, the adhesive aids in reducing potential artifacts in the final impression. This is essential for obtaining a precise and detailed representation of the patient's dentition.

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