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Tanvi Non Ablative Radio Frequency Cautery

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• RF frequency; 1 Mhz
• RF energy density; 10mm; 5-150 J/cm, 16mm 5-100 J/cm 26mm; 5-60J/cm
• Headpieces diameter; 10mm; 16mm, 26mm
• Input power; 350 W
• Control mode 7 inch color Touch LCD
• Power supply AC11ov/44/60Hz AC220V/2A/5OHz
• Weight; 15kg

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Characteristics : • Optimal working frequency: Fully adopted the most advanced American Thermage “Dermis –aimed recovery technology”, Entirely exceeds the treatment result of traditional radio frequency working frequency stabilizes during 1 MHZ and persistently keep it . Optimal comfort :RF has the solely CIP (capacitive insulation pulse) • RF energy release, therefore the stimulation time is less than the time of the reaction of nerves ache; furthermore it’s no need surface cooling system ,no need drug anaesthetization during treatment, no pain, no hurt. Just only the feeling of warmness, all above reflects its humanism design with such Non- invasion Dermis-aimed beauty skin technology • Obvious efficacy: Dermis-aimed recovery technology can act on dermis and endemic elastic fiber system to make quick skin tightening and lifting ;and professional treatment handle can not only get very warm in deep layer for wrinkles removal, but also get the very good treatments at surface for skin rejuvenation and body shaping. • Reliable equipment security, Adopting intelligent dermis-aimed energy releasing. No damage to the normal skin tissue and no pigmentation. Treatment Range : • Skin aging proble • improve skin renew elasticity; improve facial skin roughness, pore rough, fade away dark eyes an eye pouched. • Skin texture problem. Deep skin rejuvenation, skin whitening enhancement of water locking for skin. • Skin displacement problem. Skin tightening, ameliorate skin flabby, tiny wrinkles and lift figure. • Skin photo aging problem; improve the quality of damaged skin and enhance the ability of skin recovering. • Other skin problem; Breast lifting, breast enhancement


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