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PROVOL Burette Set(Measured Volume Fluid Infusion Set)1052

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Quick Overview

• Suitable for infusion of measured quantities of fluid
• Strong and sharp piercing spike for easy insertion
• Clear, soft, cylindrical & calibrated measured volume chamber with markings for precise fluid administration
• Air inlet with bacterial filter and injection port for extra medication
• Automatic floating shut off valve to prevent air embolism and to indicate fluid level
• Disc filter in the drip chamber to ensure filtration of administered fluid
• C - clamp for regulating volume of fluid inflow into the drip chamber
• Soft, transparent and kind resistant PVC tubing with standard length of 150 cms for easy visualisation of flow
• Efficient roller controller for accurate and unrestricted flow
• Moulded, self-sealing latex bulb for extra medication & easy flushing
• Approximately 60 drops/ml
• Sizes: 110 ml & 150 ml
• Tube dia: I Ø : 3.00 mm, O Ø : 4.1 mm
Options Available:
• Air vented or non vented spike
• With or without needle
• With or without *Y* connector (Latex or Latex Free)
• Luer lock or luer slip
• With DEHP free tube
• With customized tube length

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• PROVOL Burette Set(Measured Volume Fluid Infusion Set)1052

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