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Weswox Advance Manual Rotary Microtome -  Pack of 1 Unit (ARMT-1090A)

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Weswox Advance Manual Rotary Microtome - Pack of 1 Unit (ARMT-1090A)


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HSN: 90279010

The Weswox Advance Manual Rotary Microtome, available in a pack of 1 unit (ARMT-1090A), is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to meet the exacting demands of advanced research in various scientific fields.


  1. Weight: 35kg: With a weight of 35kg, the Weswox Advance Manual Rotary Microtome is built with a robust construction, ensuring stability during operation.

  2. Vertical Stroke: 60mm: The microtome is equipped with a substantial vertical stroke of 60mm.

  3. Trimming Thickness Range: 0.5 um-60 um: The trimming thickness range of 0.5 um to 60 um offers researchers unparalleled control over section thickness.

  4. Object Feed: 28mm: The microtome features an object feed of 28mm, providing researchers with the ability to work with samples of varying sizes.

  5. Minimum Setting Value: 0.5 um: With a minimum setting value of 0.5 um, the microtome allows for ultra-thin sectioning, catering to the specific needs of advanced research applications. This fine setting capability is essential for obtaining detailed and high-resolution results.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Sectioning for Advanced Research: The Weswox Advance Manual Rotary Microtome excels in precision sectioning, meeting the exacting standards of advanced research.

  2. Sturdy Construction for Stability: The robust construction of the microtome ensures stability during operation. This stability is crucial for achieving consistent and reproducible results, especially in advanced research applications where precision is paramount.

  3. Versatile Trimming Thickness Range: The wide trimming thickness range from 0.5 um to 60 um provides technicians with exceptional versatility. This range is well-suited for diverse research needs, allowing customization based on the specific requirements of the experiment.

  4. Manual Operation for Precision Control: The manual operation of the microtome puts precision control directly in the hands of the researcher.

  5. Object Feed Versatility: With an object feed of 28mm, the microtome accommodates a variety of sample sizes.

  6. Ultra-Thin Sectioning Capability: The microtome's minimum setting value of 0.5 um enables ultra-thin sectioning.

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Country of OriginIndia
Pack SizePack of 1 Unit

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