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Rexxam Digital Slit Lamp Rs 500

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Rexxam Digital Slit Lamp Rs 500


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Product Details

HSN: 90185090

What is in the box

1 x Main Unit, 1 x Dust Cover,1 x Chin-rest Paper,1 x Test Bar, 1 x Diffuser, 1 x Base Plate

Description: Introducing the Rexxam Digital Slit Lamp RS 500, an exemplary fusion of optical brilliance and digital innovation. This cutting-edge instrument stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art tools for comprehensive ocular examinations. The RS 500 is meticulously crafted to elevate the precision and efficiency of your clinical assessments.

Key Features:

  1. High-Resolution Imaging Capabilities: The RS 500 boasts advanced optics for crisp and high-resolution imaging. Equipped with a digital camera system, this slit lamp captures intricate details of ocular structures, ensuring a comprehensive examination of anterior segment conditions with unparalleled clarity.

  2. Integrated Imaging and Documentation: Seamlessly integrating digital imaging with traditional slit lamp examinations, the RS 500 facilitates efficient documentation of clinical findings. Capture still images or record videos, enabling thorough documentation of pathological conditions, aiding in longitudinal patient monitoring.

  3. Adaptive Illumination Technology: The slit lamp incorporates adaptive illumination technology, optimizing light intensity and angle for diverse examination needs. This feature ensures enhanced visualization of corneal structures, anterior chamber, and the crystalline lens, providing you with a nuanced perspective for accurate diagnoses.


  1. Enhanced Diagnostics: The RS 500 empowers clinicians with a comprehensive view of ocular structures, enabling the detection of subtle abnormalities. The digital imaging capabilities enhance diagnostic accuracy, supporting timely interventions and treatment planning.

  2. Effortless Patient Education: Utilize the captured images and videos to educate patients about their ocular health. The RS 500 facilitates clear communication by visually illustrating conditions, fostering patient understanding and compliance with treatment plans.

  3. Seamless Integration into Practice: The user-friendly interface of the RS 500 ensures a smooth transition for practitioners accustomed to traditional slit lamps. The integration of digital features does not compromise the ease of use, allowing for a seamless incorporation of advanced technology into your clinical workflow.

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Country of OriginIndia
Galileo Type5-step Drum RotationConversion
12 degreesEyepieces
12.5xMagnifications (Field of View)
6.4x (37mm)10x ( 23 mm)16x (14.6 mm)25x ( 9.5 mm)40x ( 5.9 mm)Diopter Adjustment Range
±7DPupillary Distance
52 ~ 80mmFilter
YellowIllumination System
Light SourceLED
Slit Width0 ~ 15 mm continuous
Slit Length-
Slit Aperture DiameterФ0.2, Ф1, Ф3, Ф5, Ф8, Ф15mm
Slit Tilt-
Filters (Selectable)Cobalt Blue, Heat absorption, Green(Red free)
Filters (Regular Use)-
Background IlluminationOptional
Movement RangeUp-Down
100mmFine Movement
Ф15 mm (By Joystick)Chin-rest Up-Down
Power VoltageAC 100 ~ 240 V , 50/60Hz
Power Consumption50VA
Dimensions320mm(W) x 420mm(D) x 590mm(H)
DCS-700 CompatibilityYes