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Oscar Corona Antigen Test ( Detects JN.1 Variant ) - Pack of 25 Tests

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Oscar Corona Antigen Test ( Detects JN.1 Variant ) - Pack of 25 Tests


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Pack of 25 Tests

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Key Features:

  1. Variant-Specific Detection: Employs advanced antigen detection methods specifically designed to identify the JN.1 variant of the coronavirus, ensuring accurate and focused diagnostic outcomes.

  2. High Sensitivity and Specificity: Demonstrates high sensitivity and specificity in detecting the JN.1 variant, enabling reliable identification even at lower viral loads, contributing to precise diagnostic accuracy.

  3. Rapid Testing: Offers a rapid testing protocol, delivering quick results within a short timeframe, facilitating prompt clinical decision-making and immediate patient management strategies.

  4. Quality Reagents: Utilizes high-quality reagents optimized for detecting the JN.1 variant, ensuring consistent and reliable test performance across multiple assessments.

  5. Ease of Use: Designed for user-friendly operation, enabling healthcare professionals to conduct tests efficiently and accurately, ideal for point-of-care settings.


  1. Targeted Variant Identification: Enables specific identification of the JN.1 variant, providing doctors with critical information for tailored patient management and outbreak control strategies.

  2. Early and Accurate Diagnosis: High sensitivity and specificity ensure early and accurate identification of the JN.1 variant, facilitating timely isolation, treatment, and containment measures.

  3. Rapid Results: Offers rapid testing capabilities, providing quick results essential for swift clinical decision-making and immediate patient care interventions.

  4. Reliable Test Performance: High-quality reagents and optimized detection methods ensure consistent and reliable test outcomes, fostering confidence in diagnostic interpretations.

  5. Enhanced Infection Control: Facilitates targeted detection of the JN.1 variant, aiding in tracking and controlling the spread of this specific strain, ultimately contributing to broader infection control efforts.

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